Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tag: 8 Most Worn Things ♥

This tag has been floating around for a while, especially on YouTube and i absolutely enjoying watching & reading everyone's, so i thought i'd do one!
If you don't know what this tag is, you have to pick one item out of each of these categories that you wear the most:
♥ most worn lipstick / lipgloss
♥ most worn earrings
♥ most worn shirt
♥ most worn nail polish
♥ most worn shoes
♥ most worn hair product
♥ most worn perfume
♥ most worn hangbag / purse

So let's get started! :)

Most worn lipstick / lipgloss:
I'm not too big into lipgloss although i still wear it, i'm just more of a lipstick kinda girl :)  Pink Please (025) was the first drugstore lipstick i bought - pathetic right!?  It's my go-to lipstick, it looks natural - a pinky-coral color and it looks very nice.  I have a full review on it here if you're interested!

Most worn earrings:
My most worn earrings are these faux-pearl pair that i got in a 3-pack from Forever 21 for $3.50 i believe (it came with a smaller pair of pearls & pink rose studs).  I love these, they are just about never out of my ears!  Ever since i had a scare a few months ago about loosing one of my real pearl earrings my dad got in China when i was about 8 yrs old, i've been wearing these fake ones more regularly.  They're slightly larger than regular pearls, which i really like.  I think every girl needs a pair of pearls - they're a classic and definately timeless.

Most worn shirt:
I was originally going to put my white or black tank tops as my most worn top, because they are - but i just thought i'd make this interesting by moving away from the basics.  This top is from the H&M Garden Collection and was about $12/$13 i believe.  It's shorter in the front & drapes down into the back and has little gold buttons.  It's cotton, which i looooove - cotton is my absolute favorite fabric for everyday - and the top isn't a solid white, it has little lighter bits throughout it - i don't know how to explain it!
I wear this top with leggings & usual a cardigan of some sort.

Most worn nail polish:
My most worn nail polish has got to be OPI's Got a Date To-Knight.  It's a light creamy pink and it's just gorgeous.  It's not amazingly pigmented, it usually requires multiple coats and it has the tendency to fade at the tips, but it's still a gorgeous color & i get compliments when i wear it!

Most worn shoes:
I got these puppies about a month ago and i've been wearing them basically everyday since - these were featured in my April favorites post as well, so if you wanna go read that that would be fantastic :).  Anyway, these Keds really go with anything, jeans, leggings, shorts whatevs - it looks super cute!  Love love love.

Most worn hair product
What can i say, i can never be without hairspray.  Especially Tresemme's Tres Two Extra Hold Hairspray - i don't know what i did without tbh!  I bought this after Makeupbymel raved about it in one of her hair videos.  It holds your hair the way you want it to be and it smells really nice as well :)  I'll repurchase this hairspray again & again!

Most worn perfume:
I've been using Vera Wang Princess for a little over a year now and i suppose you could say it's my signature fragrance.  It's sweet and musky and fairly long lasting.  I'm running out (but you can't tell since it's laying down) and although i love this scent soo much i actually am thinking about trying something new - suggestions? :)

Most worn handbag / purse:
This big beauty is what i use for school and if i'm staying at a friend's house for the night.  I also mostly use it whenever i go out, haha so basically i use it for everything.  I got this massive thing from Urban Outfitters & it was on sale for $38 i believe.  I get a lot of comments like "hey Laura, nice suitcase!" when i wear it, but i love this bag and hey, if i were to be stranded on an island i could probably survive off of all the things i keep in there! :)

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  1. i have literally just done mine lol :D

    Lovely post love those faux pearls i have some very similar


  2. Cute favourites, i like the look of that lippie. I have never actually done this tag but i always like reading it, nice to see it doing the rounds again!

  3. i love Vera Wang perfumes- they all smell so lovely :) I really want to try that lipstick too >.< ha ha xoxo

  4. Such lovely the things you shared!

    Cheers: Evi

  5. Great post, love that nail polish!


  6. Nice post.

    Following :-)

  7. WOW!! You have cool things! I love the Keds! Seems like a while since you posted them. Do you still wear them? Keds canvas sneakers are my all-time faves!! Pretty much all I wear. Would love to see some outfits with you sporting your cute little Keds tennies ;-) 

    Thanx and xo