Sunday, June 13, 2010

Make Your Perfumes Last Longer!

So this was my perfume storage about a month ago...
...Pretty right?!  Well it was while watching one of Lollipop26's videos that i learned keeping your perfumes out in the open, where they could be exposed to sunlight, can actually be damaging to your favorite scents.
Sunlight, air, & heat speeds up the deterioration of perfumes, so as tempting as it may be to want to keep the pretty little bottles of perfume on display, you may want to think twice before doing so :)

I keep my perfumes in the top drawer of this unit.
This is now how i store my perfumes (with the drawer closed of course ;).  This keep them out of the sunlight & exposed air, so they'll be sure to last longer!
A dark drawer like this isn't completely necessary, as long as they're out of direct sunlight.  But since i consider my fragrances to be investments, as well as something quite special to me, i like to keep them safe & try to preserve them for as long as possible!

Sure this storage technique isn't the prettiest and it's quite a shame to not be able to display the gorgeous bottles, but it's worth it to increase the longevity of your favorite scents! :)

Hope i helped ladies! ♥


  1. This is so helpful, im taking my perfumes outta the sun right now! :) x

  2. good idea! they looked so gorgeous before though (:,X

  3. Very helpful! Perfumes are going straight back into my drawer, tempting as it is to put Chanel No 5 in pride of place on my dressing table :( Also, I loved your little set-up with the fairylights - gorgeous! XO

  4. such a shame to hide our beautiful bottles, but if this helps i am definitely giving it a try. thanks doll!

  5. This is definately making me think twice about my storage of perfumes.. especially as my room gets so hot in the summer! :) xxxx

  6. Thanks for posting lovely! I will hide my pretty bottles away now! You have a lovely collection :) xx

  7. ooh i love this nice tip!

    Anna Katrina

  8. Such a helpfull post thank you! Im going to move all my purfumes and put them away right now! Thanks for sharing :)


  9. I've just done the exact same thing to my perfumes after watching laura's video!
    Hopefully they'll last longer now :)

  10. oohhh! this is so good to know. my perfumes are near my bedroom window, yikes! i'm putting them away now. ;) thank you, sweets!

  11. I spy Elvis. (;
    Your old storage was so beautiful!
    I don't know if I have the strength to hide my pretty perfume bottles! :/

  12. no kidding!
    i guess ill have to put mine away!