Saturday, June 5, 2010

Review: Revlon Colorburst Lipstick. ♥

There has been a lot of buzz about the Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks recently, especially in this shade, 070 Soft Nude.  I actually purchased Soft Nude after i heard all the hype about it saying that it's "the perfect nude" - i just heard that this range of lipsticks were really nice & saw the pretty packaging and i was sold!  After hearing all those positive reviews on the shade, i'm so happy i bought it!


This lippie is super creamy & smooth and is really a breeze to put on, without having to put much thought into it.  I've heard girls compare this texture to MAC's Cremesheen lipsticks, especially Creme d'Nude.  I've personally never tried a Cremesheen texture lipstick so i couldn't really comment on that, but i imagine they would be fairly similar :)

There is virtually no scent or taste to this lippie, which is both good & bad i suppose.  Without there being a scent, less people would be annoyed with it since not everyone could like the smell of a lipstick - but if you kind of enjoy a lipstick with a bit of a scent, then you might be a little disappointed.  Although i sometimes do like a bit of a scent to my lipsticks, i was kind of pleasantly surprised when this didn't have one!

I really had no issues with this drying out my lips, most of the time i put a lip balm under my lipsticks anyway, but even if i forget, i don't have much of a problem!  The formulation of this lipstick is really nice and is really easy to pull off :)

I would say this lippie lasts about the same amount of time as an average lipstick.  I still have to reapply at least once more in a 8 hour day, but i do with any lippie!

The pigmentation on this lipstick is really quite nice, and you can also build up to what opaqueness you'd prefer!

Here are some swatches for you all.  As you can see it's a peachy-nude color :)

The packaging can be quite a controversial topic, since it is so similar to a Chanel lipstick, - Chanel engraves their name into the stick of their lipsticks.  I also noticed that the outside packaging has sort of a quilted design, which reminds me of the very famous Chanel bags.  Despite all this, i really love the packaging!  I think it's really elegant & pretty, and it's also very sturdy.
The only thing i don't like about Revlon lipsticks in general is that you really can't tell what shade of lipstick you're buying until you purchase it & open it (there's a plastic bit around it so you can't open it in store to swatch) - i know this is for the consumers protection & maybe for a shop-lifting prevention, but i still find it annoying.  You have to rely on the top cover of the lipstick & the name to guess at what shade you're actually buying, which can end in disappointment.

I believe i payed around $8.00 for this lippie, which is a bit more expensive than the average drugstore lipstick, but i believe there are sale deals at places like CVS & Walgreens, as well as printable coupons online.  I also think that for the quality of the lipstick, the price is worth it - and trust me, i'm just about as skint as anybody!


Overall thoughts
Overall, i really like this Revlon Colorburst Lipstick.  This is the only shade i have from this range, so i can't really comment on or recommend any of the other shades, but i'm really interested to try them!  This lipstick in particular is very easy to wear and is probably the perfect nude for people with a bit of a darker skintone, but it still looks really nice on people with fair skin, like moi!
These lipsticks can be purchased in any drugstore that carries Revlon in the US, i think it's coming out in the UK soon!  These lippies can also be purchased online on Revlon's website here :)



  1. This looks great, i wanna try it! :) x

  2. This lipstick looks and sounds so perfect!
    I'm so annoyed that they are not selling this shade in the UK :(

  3. thats a really nice colour xxx

  4. This looks really nice :) I usually don't wear nudes too often but I think this would still be worth getting. I really want to try some of the pink/coral revlon colorbursts, but I never do because like you said you can't see the color in store :/ and most online reviews are of soft nude! lol

  5. I think I need some of these lipsticks but in the uk they are about $12 which I think is expensive for drugstore... might get some tomorrow XX

  6. @Caitlin i rarely go for nudes! i was looking for a pinky-nude, but just ended up getting this :) sorry for the excess amount of Soft Nude reviews! =/ xx

  7. Great review! I really want to try one of these out xo

  8. I actually went into boots today and swatched this. I wasn't that impressed, as I think it's that tiny bit too dark for my skin tone. I'm quite picky with nudes - they have to be just perfect.
    It annoys me how lovely it looks on most other people though.

  9. @Grace honestly, i'm picky too, that's why this is my first nude! it really surprised me that i liked this :) xx

  10. Lovely blog and great review! Thanks for following :)

  11. Great review! I've only ever bought one lippy! I know the horror of it, but this looks really nice xx

  12. lemme see it on your gorgeous lips doll.
    i wanna get a nudish color real bad.<3

  13. That is a gawj colour!
    and i love the packaging to although they blatenly copied chanel , but oh well !
    lovely haul