Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Few Target Goodies :)

I went to Target last weekend with my mom & she spoiled me a bit :)
I didn't get many things, but i still thought i'd share what i did get with you all!
Also, i'm sorry for all the recent haul-type posts, i promise i'll stop soon!
I also did get a dress, but i'm pretty sure i'm going to return it if i'm able.
On with the post!

The main reason i went to Target was to get a watch.  For some reason, my parents approve of me spending money a watch - i think it's because watches are so classic & timeless (haha, i spot a pun) that it's alright to spend that extra bit of money to get a really nice one.
This Merona watch was only $14.99 - can you believe it?!  It's big & gold, my dad actually says it's a masculine - but i love it!  I'm going to have to get a few links removed since it is quite loose and this watch probably won't last a while because it'll tarnish, it's already kind of breaking, and the three middle dials don't even work (meh =/) but i really love it, and for $14.99?!  I'll deal :)

I saw an ad in the weekly Target ad for a big sale on dresses and rompers, which looked fantastic, so of course i had to check it out!  I tried on several dresses & rompers and either i didn't like them as much in person or they didn't quite fit me correctly or really suit me.
I ended up just getting a black romper with little white stars on the for $19.99 and a really cute floral tank top with a sweetheart neckline that looks absolutely gorgeous on for $15.00 - both are by the brand Xhilaration.
At first i didn't like the romper, i thought the pattern was quite tacky, but it looks super cute on, i just had to get it!

The last thing i got was the Boots Botanics Rosewater Toner for $7.99.  I have been interested in this for a few months now ever since i heard so many positive reviews by a lot of UK beauty bloggers - Boots is an England-based brand - but i just put off buying it for a long time.
I am so sooo pleased with this product so far - i have genuinely noticed a difference in my skin & it doesn't sting my face at all like my Clinique 3-Step Toner does - i also love that it's organic!


By the way, i'm officially done with school for the summer!  Eeeeee :)
Also, best of luck to everyone who is still taking exams!  You can do ittttt! :D


  1. I wish we had Target or Boots in Spain :(

  2. cuuute watch! i LOVE target

  3. I LOVE that watch and the floral cami! So pretty. I love Botanics products, I havn't tried the rosewater one but I have two of their other toners and they're fantastic.

  4. i LOVE boots products! they have such a clean, gentle feeling... their makeup is amazing, too. :)

  5. Hi laura, thanks for your ever so sweet comment! i am loving your goodies, especially your watch. you have a great style! i seriously need to get one of those watches though! hope to hear from you again xxxx

  6. That watch is GORGEOUS! I can't beleive that it was only 15 dollars from target- it looks so expensive :) super cute! Ima have to go look for watches at target!

  7. Do you have Boots in the USA? We have it here in England, its not really a brand, its more of a drug store like.. you have Walgreens? We have Boots and also Superdrug.

  8. @Sophh - no we don't have Boots here, but the Boots brand itself is carried in Target! i was soo excited when i saw that :) x