Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Amazing Week in Photos :)

This past week has been a really busy, yet exciting one!  Hence lack of blog posts, ahem.  Since i took a few photos of some of the things i did the past couple days, i thought i'd share them with you lovelies!
This is my first post like this, so i'm not sure how well it will go over, but i really hope you all enjoy it!

So i have marching band Monday - Friday for 3 hours in the morning so it's a major fml - but i'm pretty sure i'm quitting that so, yeee... haha D:
Oh, and OMG that USA vs. Ghana match yesterday..... majormajormajor sadface :(  Landon, i still love you ♥

Tehe anyway, onto the post....! ♥


Taken on my Blackberry so it's not the greatest quality - still thought it was pretty though :D
I had band in the morning and then my friend called around 9 PM to walk around the neighborhood so we walked to the bridge, watched the sun set, and talked about summer :)


Thursday was a major day for me!  It was opening day of Summerfest, which is this major summer festival in my city - it's filled with live music, beer, & fun little shops (oh & of course a chairlift :D).  People from out-of-state come, as well as people in the city & surrounding it.  It's such a fun time & is called the "World's Largest Music Festival" - definitely something every music lover should go to!  It's mah-jorrrr.
There doesn't seem to be many people, but trust me - it's packed!
"Drum for Peace" hahaha :)
This band from Africa was playing by the lakefront & offered people to play along with them - i didn't do it but some of my friends did!
This is a handmade bracelet i bought from one of the many, many jewelry stands :)  There's definitely some interesting people-watching to be had at ol' Summerfest :)
There are so many different kinds of people - goths, drunks, cowgirls, bikers, indies - it's incredible.
Some of the shiny jewelry, tacky fake tattoo sleeves, and squishy duck-ball things at a shop :)
Didn't end up getting a decent photo - too busy dancing ;)
There are 11 stages at Summerfest & over 800 bands to see over the course of 11 days, so of course i had to go to at least a few :).
At 8:00, i saw this band called Tokyo Police Club.  I'd never heard of them, but they were opening for Passion Pit who were playing at 10:00, so my girlies & i had to go early (6:30 :O) to save ourselves spots for that!  TPC were pretty good.
The "Big Bang" fireworks to kick of Summerfest started at 9:30 & lasted for 30 minutes.
At 10:00, Passion Pit went on and it was aaaaamazing!  They are so, soo good live and the show itself was incredible.  Definately some strange people there...but worth it!
I danced and screamed and danced some more - still recovering from that actually...ahem...
We took the bus home which was an adventure in itself, ran into this hot guy that graduated from my school this year & his brother and we were all sat next to this drunk girl - absolutely hilarious!


romper - Target
lipstick - MAC Snob

This is what i call my "morning after" photo hahaaha.
I had to get up at 8:00 for band and make myself look somewhat presentable after a long night of partying... hehe ;)
I literally hadn't showered or anything - i was disgusting & i was completely okay with it :)

My friend had an extra ticket to the Brewer game (baseball, hehe :) which was fun fun fun!  We literally sat in the second to top row, which was actually pretty cool - i'd never been seated up so high!
We tailgated before out in the parking lot & nommed on some yummy food :)
Once again taken on my Blackberry, so not the best quality..i couldn't find my camera quick enough!
This hottie was walking up & down the aisle carrying a sign that said "HOORAY FOR BEER" on it - it was hilarious :)


Do you girlies like these types of posts?  I always enjoy reading them :)
Hope you ladies all have a fantastic week!


  1. I really enjoyed seeing what you got up to in the week :) I would love love love to go to a baseball game! I so wish I lived in America- it's my dream to live there when I'm older :D great post xx

  2. I love these! They're so happy xx

  3. Summerfest looks like so much fun! And Passion Pit is SO good live, it looks like you had a lovely week. :)

  4. i do reeally like these posts.
    i like to see whatcha up to. hehe .:)))
    youre so cute.

  5. I love all your pictures! I'm a big fan of posts that are crammed with fun photos. You should definitely keep doing more this way!
    Summerfest looks like a ball. What fun!
    Your romper from target is adorable. I still am shy about wearing a romper, it's one of those trends I think only certain people can pull off really well!

  6. Love this! Sounds like you had fun:)

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  8. Your week does look amazing.