Sunday, June 6, 2010

Missing D.C. :(

So this isn't a typical kind of post from me, but i've been feeling really nostalgic lately and looking through old photos on the computer really sparked some memories.  A majority of these memories are from the trip i took to Washington DC in April of 2008.

The trip was absolutely amazing, it was such a fantastic experience.  It was a 4-day trip through my school, so it was meant to be very educational - and it was, but it was also so sooo fun.  We were lucky to have absolutely beautiful weather and everything went without a hitch!  Of course i took a ton of photos, over 1,000 & i've decided to show you ladies some :)

All i can really say is, ugh i wanna go back. ♥

The Washington Memorial & reflection pool from beside the Lincoln Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial

Trees at Mount Vernon - George Washington's Virginian estate

Mount Vernon, probably one of the favorite places we visited - omg, look how lush that grass is...

The Declaration of Independence! ♥

Me in front of the White House - LOL i look SO fdsajgeajklvjca, so just ignore my face :D

We walked to the Washington National Zoo & the houses and flowers and everything there was absolutely gorgeous.

The World War II Memorial at night, it's soo incredible.

The Washington National Cathedral

Nearby the Washington National Cathedral

The Iwo Jima Memorial

Not really sure... lol, it was a fun place though!

Part of the Arlington National Cemetery, walking away from where the changing of the guard takes place.

The Capitol Building!

Where is your favorite place you've ever traveled?


  1. wow it looks so fantastic. I've always wanted to go :) XXX

  2. Washington DC looks like a wonderful place to travel to. I hope I get to go there one day. You're photos are lovely! My favourite place that I'm traveled to is to Las Vegas. It's ah-ma-zing :) x

  3. Ooops, I meant *I've* traveled to! Ha. x

  4. This looks stunning, hope i get a chance to go sometime! :) Xx

  5. wow wow wow :) i love looking over old school trip photos, so much fun. me and my friends went to poland and the photos still make me nostalgic.
    x x x

  6. You have a good eye for photography :)

  7. This looks amazing! I can't believe you were so close to the White House.
    I tagged you on my blog too btw :)

  8. I haven't been to a lot of places but my favourite is Sheffield, England. I went there last summer to study English and it was amazing.
    I love going through the photos I have because it brings a lot of memories back.
    I also went to France with my school 3 months ago. It was only my class (there are 6 in each course) and we all get on very well so i really enjoyed it as well.
    btw, love the 7th photo! xx

  9. This looks absoulutley amazing! So pretty I really want to go now! :) x