Friday, June 11, 2010

Love of the Week!: Lush Vanilla in the Mist Soap ♥

I haven't done a product/love of the week post for a while, so i thought it would start it up again!
What i am loving this week is:
Lush's "Vanilla in the Mist" Soap!

I briefly talked about this scrumptious soap in my May Favorites post & here is a full review :)

Let's start with the scent :).  I would describe it as a super warm, rich vanilla scent with hints of what smells like coffee - i wouldn't say it's very sweet, and although i'm usually one to go for super sweet, girly scents (ie The Godmother & Rockstar) - i personally adore it.  As i've noticed with other solid soaps, the scent doesn't linger too long on the skin unlike most liquid soaps - but personally, i don't mind that.

I got a big chunk of this, but i cut it up into little slices for convenience, and pictured above is one of the slices.
I apply the soap right onto my skin like that & it creates a super creamy lather.  It's kinda weird because sometimes the lather is yellow do to the yellow color of the actual soap, but i honestly don't mind that either haha.

I know a lot of people are concerned about solid soaps drying out their skin, which is completely understandable.  I would say this soap doesn't add any moisture to your skin, but i do kind of feel my skin is a bit tighter after rinsing this soap off.  It's not something i mind to much to be honest, but i know it might bother some people.

The only negative thing i really have to say about this soap are the vanilla pods stuck about in the soap (those are the brown chunks in the soap in the picture above).  They don't really exfoliate the skin, they just sort of scratch at it, and they really just plugs up the bath drain.  I just pick these pods out, but i feel like it takes up space where soap could be instead - so it's almost like you're getting less product for your money.

Price-wise, this is in the midrange as far as Lush soaps go - $6.25 per 3.5 ounces & 3.10 British Pounds per 100 grams.  This soap lasts a fairly decent amount of time.
I really recommend this to anyone really, if you want to try out a new scent or if you're scoping out for a new Lush soap :)

Vanilla in the Mist is available for the US here & for the UK here.
VITM is also available in all Lush stores.


  1. ooo i might have to try this i love the smell of vanilla :) great review xx

  2. i bet it smells amazing! i love vanilla xxx

  3. i love lush soaps but i never know where to keep them in between showers :'')
    thanks for the award again, it was good fun.

  4. this one doesnt look so delicious, but i trust your opinion. ill have to try itt love.<3