Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Favorite Jewelry Pieces ♥

This post is just going to be on my favorite jewelry pieces in my collection.  I'll put a little description of each & i'll try to be brief as to not bore you all! :)
I also want to add quickly that i hit 300 followers yesterday!  That's honestly insane & i love each and every one of you, i really do :).  Cyber-hugs? :D ♥

This is an overview of my faves :)
I love everything girly and quirky, and i gravitate towards gold the most.  I love pearls and cameos, and i love sparkle.  I absolutely adore anything vintage as well, and a lot of my favorites are from my auntie & grandma ♥

Let's get onto it!


1. The pendant on this necklace is from the Washington National Cathedral & was one like $2!  I put it on a chain i had & i bring this necklace everywhere with me - like a good luck charm i suppose :)
2. This heart locket necklace was a gift from my parents, it has a longer chain & i just think it's so pretty.
3. I felt the need to include a statement necklace & this is it!  I got this from my aunt.  It's massive (which i love hehe) & i rarely wear it, but i think it's a really cool piece.
4. This necklace is from Charlotte Russe & i got it after i saw a photo of Demi Lovato wearing a similar necklace (because i'm lame ;).  It adds a bit of interest to a would-be boring outfit :)
5. This necklace was a gift from another aunt & it's really subtle, but very pretty.  It says 'dream' on it, which might be a bit tacky to some people, but i actually love it - it also has two little crystal charms.
6. This is a cameo locket from Forever 21 - it has a chain, but it broke =/.  It's still a fave & it came with bow and rose charms - super cute!
7. This is a vintage pendant from my grandma & i think it's absolutely gorgeous, i prefer this over my Forever 21 one :)


1. This owl ring from PacSun is really quirky & pretty and i always get compliments on it!
2. I got this rose ring from my sister just yesterday, and it's already one of my faves!  It makes my hands look feminine & i just adore it hehe :)
3. I got this super beat-up ring from an estate sale - it's so sparkly & unique, and i love it, missing rhinestones & all :)


L - R & no, i don't wear these all at once ;)
1. The "Laura" bracelet my friend made for me :)  I adore it & it fits my wrists perfectly!
2. This pearl bracelet i got from Boston Store is all one piece & it used to have a flower on it, but it fell off within 24 hours of getting it =/ - still pretty & feminine :)
3. This dolphin hinge bracelet is so pretty!  I got it from Goodwill & i always get people approaching me & asking if they can try it on..haha :)
4. I just got this last bracelet from Summerfest last Thursday & i've been wearing it since.  I just love it :)  Reminds me of that amazing night whenever i look at it ♥


1. I call this lovely lady on the left my "Lady GaGa" pin!  I absolutely lovelovelove it.  I got it from my aunt & i can really spice up a plain blazer or sweater!
2. The bumblebee pin on the top right i got from Goodwill & i really love it - it's so cute!
3. The crown pin i just think is really pretty & yeah :)


1. My dad brought these pearl earrings back from China and gave them to me as a gift when i was younger.  I absolutely love them ♥.
2 & 3. I made both pairs of these earrings myself out of buttons :) They can both add a little bit of interest & quirkiness to an outfit.
4. I got these earrings from my aunt - they're clip-on, which can give my ear / head region a bit of an ache, but they are absolutely gorgeous.
5. I got these rose earrings from Forever 21 in a set with #7, and they are super pretty & girly :)
6. These ladybug earrings from Claire's are super old, but soo adorable!
7. These are my go-to earrings.  They always, always in my ears, unless i take them out to put other ones in of course :)


  1. Omg the owl ring is amazing, and I love the dolphin hinge cuff! So cute, I used to have one like it when I was little but it was silver and less cute than yours haha :) I love all of your peices, great sense of style!

  2. You have an amazing collection! These are gorgeous! The bumblebee pin is soo cute :) xx

  3. I like this post, so nice to see all your cute pieces :)

  4. I absolutely LOVVE 2 and 5 of the necklaces, and 4 and 5 of the earrings... especially the earrings!

  5. Lady Gaga pin is absolutely amazing.

  6. i love your jewelry collection Laura - it's quirky and fun. i especially love the "beat-up" ring you got at an estate sale. it's funky and a great statement piece!

  7. everything is so gorgeous and quirky!,X

  8. Fabulous pieces!!! I have just started an online shop www.honeyimhome.net
    I have similar rose rings :) xx


  9. Lovely pieces!


  10. They are all gorgeous, wish i had such nice pieces! :) xx

  11. you have such adorbale jews! i love all the thift items. i dont know why i never thought to go thift store jewlery shopping.

  12. I love the Charlotte Rosse necklace so much! I think the tooth pendant has been my most favorite necklace trend in a long time. It’s so simple, but it makes such an outstanding statement. No matter what color it is, you can see it from afar. It also always looks like there is a story behind it. I also love the rose ring. It’s so delicate, feminine and charming.