Monday, June 14, 2010

Heaven in a Bath ♥

So yes, the title of this post is "Heaven in a Bath" - bold accusation, i'd say.  I can justify this though, because i have found a product that really does an amazing job at making you feel super relaxed and helps you wind down after a long, stressful day.

Lo & behold the Floating Island Bath Melt from Lush!
I have been wanting to try a bath melt from Lush for the longest time & was drawn to this particular one because of all the positive reviews i had been hearing (the name also took me to another place just in itself!  Floating Island....mmmmmm :)

Don't be fooled by the plain appearance ladies!  This bath melt looks like a cupcake with the top cut off and smells of vanilla and sweets, but it's not overwhelming or headache-inducing at all.
This is a fairly decent sized BM, so i got three uses out of it - i do have quite a small bathtub though.
Floating Island is stuffed with almond oil & cocoa butter, which makes it super moisturizing (as bath melts are made to be) and makes the bathwater super silky & amazing.  My skin felt like a dream during, after, and even the morning after the bath.
I admittedly was on the verge of falling asleep (twice) right in the tub on my first go with this melt - it's that soothing :)

Oooooo, witness the frothing ;)

There are only two bad things i'd have to say about this bath melt.  One is that the fragrance isn't very strong - other Lush bath products give me a sort of aromatherapy, which makes the whole bathing experience even more relaxing & incredible, but i didn't get that with this one.  Since this smells exactly like the Butterball Bath Bomb to me, i think paired with this melt, it would make for an aaaaamazing bath.
The other thing is that it made my bath really slippery, so i had to be careful standing up as i didn't want to slip (who does, right?) - this could potentially be an issue to other people as well, especially those who are older.
Oh, just a heads up - some people may be disappointed that it doesn't change the color of the bathwater as well!


The Floating Island Bath Melt is definitely a product worth trying out if you haven't already.  It's one of Lush's more pricier bath products at $7.95, or 3.50 British Pounds, but i'd say it's worth it!
Happy bathing ladies!

Floating Island is available in Lush stores & also online!:
US link / UK link
Don't know how to fully enjoy a Lush bath?  Click here! :D


  1. this has to be one of my favourite lush products ever along with marshmallow bathmelt :)
    love the post, i really want a bath now! x

  2. oooooh, I love Lush!! but it might be TOO soothing for me... I really do fall asleep everytime I take a bath! hahaha

  3. Oh, reading this post has made me want to have a bath & just indulge in it!

  4. thank you :) i'm glad you liked my shoes! also, you mentioned that it didn't colour the water - can you recommend some that do change the colour of the water? i've never even come across it!

  5. I now have a random craving for marshmellows now :)

    Great, informative post.

  6. Oooh I'll have to pick one of these babies up on my next Lush visit!

    Great review :)

  7. Lush is full of heavenly treats, I love it! :) xx

  8. Ugh, i totally need to get me some lush! <3

  9. i want more lush.
    so i'll try all of the stuff you like.
    and that looks delicious.

  10. Ooh... I am intrigued! I love Lush. You can just smell it from down the street, and as soon as I get inside, I want to buy every thing!