Sunday, April 11, 2010

Makeup Storage & Organization.

I did a makeup storage post forever ago and my setup has change a lot since then, but i finally kind of like how it is all stored so i thought i'd do an update!
It's not a large collection by any means, but i'd rather have a small collection that consists of things i actually use, than have a massive collection with products wasting away in the depths of my room :)

This is my little desk-turned-makeup station :).  I don't really do my schoolwork at my desk, i prefer lounging in my bed for that haha.  I use this desk and hutch for storing makeup as well as notebooks, dvds, and the typical desk-y stuff.

On the right, i have my makeup mirror that i got from my mom..she got it as a gift in the '80s haha.
It has four settings - day, office, evening, & home - i just use day because it is most resembles natural light.
There's also two sides, no zoom (lol i suck at explaining things eh?) and a bit zoomed in - i use the "no zoom" everyday and "zoom" for plucking my eyebrows & such.

This is where the majority of my makeup is kept.  I got these drawers - originally letter drawers - from Walmart for about $12 and they are surprisingly really nice quality.  They had yellow and brown as well, but white goes with the whole theme of my room the most :).  They are still available at Walmart in case you're interested!
On top i have my Alice in Wonderland BOS, fancy q-tips, diy blotting sheets, and my brushes (note the crappy diy brush holder, eek!  I desperately need a new one).

In the first drawer i keep the rest my eyeshadows (non-Alice in Wonderland), tools that i use more frequently - eyelash curlers & tweezers, as well as mascaras, brow gel, nail pencils, eyebrow pencils, and eyeliners.
The box that hold everything that aren't eyeshadows in this drawer is a lid from my Bare Escentuals starter kit.

This is the more fun drawer :).  The plastic container things i found around the house, but i'm positive places like Walmart and Target carry them.
In the container on the upper left i have my lip products - chapsticks, lip glosses, and lipsticks.
The second container on the top holds my blushes, bronzers, and highlighters.
The long skinny container on the bottom holds my Bare Minerals as well as my concealers.
On the right, i keep any primers - Urban Decay, MAC, Clinique, etc. - as well as liquid foundations that i don't really use anymore since i got my Bare Escentuals :)

In the cabinet of the desk, i keep my brush cleanser, nail polish remover, stuff to clean my earrings with, a nail spray (my rave on that HERE :), hair dye, a backup of my lotion, and floss.
In the way back i keep my lip palettes that i basically never use.
In the middle i have a towel to spot clean my brushes and hidden under that giant pink towel is a box of sponge applicators.

In the drawer of my desk i keep a backup of Clinique City Block, any tools - nail clippers & file, compact mirrors, hand sanitizer, pencil sharpners, hydrocortizone cream, & acne spot treatment cream, and tissues.

In my closet right beside my desk i have this (super cheap looking :) 3-bin plastic cabinet thing which holds my pluthera of makeup bags in the top drawer and nail polish in the second.

I really enjoy seeing how other girlies organize their makeup so if you've done a post like this, please link it in the comments!


  1. eeep, look at your beauty products, lucky, such a pretty bedroom! Your blog is great, definitely be back! come follow TBAG if you fancy, love xx

  2. Gorgeous collection of make up and I love how super organized everything is. I just shove everything into a make up bag and be done with it. I admire your dedication xD

  3. i love those white drawers. they look really cute and obviously are convenient. cute work dear! <3

  4. beautiful!! lol I love anything pink!! ;)

  5. New follower. Hope you can follow too! :)

  6. Ahh I love it!
    I can see a rubiks cube in the distance! Can you solve it? I can haha, it's like my only party trick haha!
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  7. Ohh I love organized goodies! Love this post.

  8. that's gorgeous! i just throw all my make-up in a big bag and then i have a full-length mirror i do it in... i really need to be more of a make-up person.
    x x x

  9. This is so neat and perfect!
    Love the cheeky harry potter poster haha!

  10. @kavita - oh gosh everytime i try to solve it, it just turns into one massive fail! i even have other peeps try & solve it & they can't do it either! maybe it's cursed? ;) x

    @Darling heart - hahaha oh goodness, didn't think anyone would notice that! :) xx