Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vintage haulage :)

My dear grandmother watched (& i'm not quite sure how..haha) my jewelry collection and storage video, and after discovering my interest in jewelry, she has sooo lovely given me a few of her pieces.  One of my aunts has also given me jewelry..they are both such amazing people (and not just because they're giving me gorgeous things hehe) ♥

My grandma also gave me a cameo pendant that i put on a chain from one of my Forever 21 necklaces.  I think it's soo classy and pretty.  I love the detailing of her hair and the gold/copper tones of it.  Cameo necklaces are my faaav :)

I am such a pin person.  I put them on blazers, cardigans, you name it, i bedazzle it :)

I hate that Picnik makes the quality of your photos worse than they actually are when you want to make a collage and don't have a premium account grrr.
Anyway, these are clip-on earrings that i usually wouldn't go for, but i actually really like these.  My grandma said that these can also be put on shoes :)

This has to be one of my favorite pieces that i was given.  It is absolutely gorgeous, it's adjustable to fit my tiny wrists without falling off, and to my surprise, all of the little stones are still in place (the jewelry with rhinestones in it that i have have been such low quality).

This necklace goes with the cuff above and omg so gorgeous.  I feel like i don't have any event to go to worthy of wearing this to tbh haha.  My grandma also gave me this display mannequin thingy which is really awesome because i want to take special care of it ya know? :)

More sparkly things eeeeeeeeee :)
I couldn't get a decent photo of these earrings so i thought i'd just take a photo while i have them on.  These earrings are clip-on as well and i absolutely LOVE how they hang on the ear.  They are sparkly and gorgeous and i just love them ♥

Even more sparkle!  Haha :)
This is a pin as well, and i think it's soo pretty.  It will look amazing on my blazer!
This pin is my Auntie Pearl, she got it from her boyfriend when she was twenty, making it sixty years old.  I think that's so amazing, and it's sooo lovely of her to give me this piece that must've meant a lot to her.


Some extra bits:

A big, blue, velvet jewelry case.  Really nice actually, it looks pretty and it's a really good place to put those fragile but special pieces :)

Aghhhhh i was going totally bananas when i opened the envelope that contained these absolutely stunning photos of Marilyn Monroe.  Not only are they gorgeous, they go with my room perfectly and are such a collector's item.


I cannot tell my grandma and aunt how much i appreciate their generosity.  I'm soo thankful.  I'll be sure to take care of these pieces to preserve them and someday pass them on to my children.


  1. wow you're grandma and aunt had/have AMAZING taste. that cuff bracelet is so so beautiful and that necklace, ohmygod. that would look gorgeous on a bride. that would definitely be a worthy event :)

    fantastic haul


  2. Oh my gosh! This stuff is so awesome, you're so lucky to get all of this cool vintage stuff from your grandma and aunt :) i wish I had some old relative with awesome old jewlery to give me! The earrings are my favorite, they're so so so beautiful and unique. lucky girl !

  3. Woah, gorgeous things you got. x

  4. wow, beautiful! i love the stuff u got,
    lucky u!

    oooh totally love the last picture!

  5. lucky you,! these pieces are so divine and lovely. Keep them forever!

    love your blog so following you! hurrah, oui :D

    LÉS Mm,

  6. grandma's jewelry is alllways the best.
    i inherited all of mine after she passed away.
    so its amazing all of the stuff they have, and how beautiful it all is.
    these are such gorgeous pieces. <3

  7. Aaaah! Love the cuff. It's way schweet! Awesome blog, btw =)

  8. wowee everything is GORGEOUS! lucky lucky you :) im in love with that cameo necklace <33