Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Bath Fit for a Queen :)

After reading Darling Heart's post on a milk and honey bath fit for Cleopatra herself, i was intrigued and did a bit more research!  I ended up brewing myself up a bath that very night and although the water was scalding hot resulting in me draining most of it & adding cold water (therefore it wasn't as luxurious and filled with milk & honey :/), it was actually quite nice.
I'll have to try it again, but checking the temperature of the water before adding any ingredients :)

Here's what i used in the bath! - common household ingredients really :) :
♥ a packet of Equate Oatmeal Bath Treatment (optional, i just thought it would treat my skin even more :)
♥ a bit more than a cup of milk
♥ lots & lots of honey (about a cup)
♥ essential oils - i personally didn't use them because i don't have any, but it would be nice to use these to add a little delicious fragrance to the bath!

Since milk is used in the bath, i was concerned that i would smell of spoiled milk or something (know what i mean? ha), but i couldn't smell a hint of milk!  Yaaaay.  Just thought i'd let you girls know in case you were wondering like me :)

While the water was running and the water was about half full, i added all the ingredients - milk first.

Oatmeal next.  You'll probably have to crumble the oatmeal a bit more once it's in the water, so it's not so clumpy and lumpy (lolz).

Last but definately not least, honey.  Mmmm!  The honey is a bit harder to get out of the glass than the milk & oatmeal (obviously Laura...geez ha), so i simply ran it under the tap & poured that into the bath.

This is what the bath should look like after you've added everything :)  All you need to do is pop in & relax!
I have a recipe on how to take the perfect bath HERE if you want to read that, i promise you'll love it ♥♥

I really recommend you ladies to try this bath out yourself!  It's nice not going out and spending money on bath goodies when you can just make your own nourishing bath with ingredients you already own :)  If Cleopatra bathed in milk & honey, there must be something amazing to it right?


  1. Wow! That looks great!
    I'll definitely try this! :D
    Alícia, xo.

  2. Ahhhh, I want to take a hot bath now!!!!

    Have an awesome Sunday,
    Hope :) xx

  3. Ahh that looks so lovely! Glad you tried it out and liked it girly!
    Thanks for the mention aswell!

  4. hoyl smokes this so so cool!
    i am going to try this forsure.
    very creative, and i wanna be like cleopatra for sure.

  5. i love that :) it looks lovely and relaxing... i take showers really but i'll have to try it sometime!
    and also i've been meaning to ask... what kind of foundation do you use on a day to day basis? and do you use primer? i really am going to use you for make-up advice now you realise.
    x x x

  6. Such a fun post, nice to read and watch :)

  7. i love how you experiment with the things you buy:) its so fun to read. xx