Friday, April 9, 2010

Tag: Like Love Hate ♥

There's currently a tag floating around the blogging world that i've really enjoyed reading, so although i haven't been tagged, i thought i'd do it anyway!
The tag is called Like Love Hate.  You write 12 things you like, 1 you love, and 8 you hate.
I also popped in a few photos i found on weheartit and the credit for each of the photos is beneath them.
(If you fancy checking out what i've been dreaming about lately, flick through my weheartit heart here :)

I like hugs.
I like cuddling up in a blanket.
I like the minty, fresh feeling after brushing your teeth.
I like finishing books.
I like dreaming.
I like chocolate, forests, and castles.
I like Mario Kart and Belgian waffles.
I like surprises.
I like organizing things.
I like staying in bed for hours after waking up.
I like new clothes.
I like meeting new, exciting people.

I love being happy.  Purely, genuinely, entirely happy.

I hate hate.
I hate being shy.
I hate thinking too much.
I hate not being able to wake up in the morning.
I hate regret.
I hate to love things that are bad for me.
I hate writing essays.
I hate people who are consistently negative.


  1. Cute post, we like similar things.

    Mind if I do this tag too? Cause I can't think of anything else to post about right now.


  2. these are absolutely gorgeous my friend...oh how i would dream of living in a house such as that!
    ♥ Mamushka Marie ♥

  3. I love this post! I don't like negative people only. We all have negative days but people who are purely negative are quite intrusive.