Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Review: MAC Lipstick in "Snob"

A couple weeks ago i went into MAC & purchased the lipstick in "Snob".
It's this gorgeous cool, light pink with blue undertones.  I had heard many good things about this, & i heard it look great on girls that had lighter skintones with cool undertones, like me!
This lipstick is really popular, i just thought i would put in my two pennies worth :)

Texture: The texture is really nice, it's really creamy-feeling & goes on super smooth
Taste/Scent: It really doesn't taste like anything, but the scent is that classic lipstick smell.  It reminds me of when i was little & took my mom's lipsticks :) (i hope you all know what i'm talking about!) - though when it's on your lips, you don't smell it at all
Drying: I haven't had any problems with this drying out my lips, but i put on chapstick right before i apply it
Durability: For such a pretty color, it's kind of a letdown that it doesn't stay on your lips for very long :/.  I usually have to reapply about once or twice throughout the day
 Pigmentation: Snob has a satin finish & like all satin formulas from MAC, this lipstick is super pigmented, it looks a little dark in the tube, but what you see in the swatch is really what you get!  Oh & another thing, if you're using a camera with flash while wearing this, it will turn out to look like a very bright & light pink!
Packaging: I really like MAC packaging.  It's really sleek & simple, which i really like :)  The cap also stays on really well, so you don't need to worry about it coming off in your bag
Price: MAC lipsticks are $14 or £12.50, which i think is a great value for the quality of the product you're getting :)

Overall thoughts
I like everything about this lipstick, except for the longevity of it.  Snob looks amazing with a neutral eye, a toned down face with a bit of blush - you'll look like a doll!  (In a good way :)  This is a great item to have if you love pink lipsticks (or just pink in general ;), if you want to try something a tad different, and/or if you don't mind standing out a bit!  I would definately go into MAC & swatch it before purchasing it, especially if you're thinking of buying online.  I'm thinking i would like to try out other MAC lipsticks first before repurchasing Snob though.  $14 seems like a lot for a lipstick, because it kind of is, but i don't really see many colors like this out there.



  1. id heard about this so many times but never actually seen a swatch of it so thanks:) i adore the colour, might have to buy it xxx

  2. I like that shade. I usually stick with red. But I like that one and i love the curtain behind it...

  3. love it! i have darker complexion so I bought this hot pink shade haha i love how wild it makes me look :P

  4. I love MAC. I am home sick with a cold and have nothing sunny to say haha so I am not acknowledging my sunshine award YETTTT...I think I could use some pretty lipstick though or gloss really...What are your chapped lips musts??? I trust your style and picks! :)

  5. Sounds perfecto. I jinxed myself last week by acknowledging my lack of sickness. I work with children and last year got sick a lot...NOT SO MUCH this year UNTIL NOW...

    Makeup is amazing. It's good for accentuating natural beauty ;) and covering up being miserable, chapped and sickened at times. I have faith in your homework :) haha

  6. oooh i love pink lipstick.
    its my faavvv.
    that looks like suuchh a pretty shade!

  7. What a pretty color.
    You have an adorable blog <3

    xx, Melissa

  8. aww thankyou for the lovely comment :D
    your blog is so sweet! such pretty colours, very cute :)

  9. oh, and btw whats that teen vogue handbook like? i was thinking of getting it :)

  10. The colour is looks sweet. I like it.

  11. i adore its color.x