Thursday, September 2, 2010

Recent Beauty Purchases ♥

I have to admit that i haven't been buying as much makeup as i'd like, but literally all the money that i've been making has been going toward either saving up for driver's ed, or saving up for my trip to England & France in April.  Since i don't have a job, i've been doing petty chores around the house & spending as little money as possible.

That being said, whenever my mom offers to take me shopping & spend a little money on me - i have to accept!  On one of our recent shopping outings, she took my to Walmart where i bought a couple things :)


Clairol Natural Instincts Rich Color Creme Non-Permanent Hairdye in 31 Coffee Creme (Rich Darkest Brown) - around $5 with coupon
This is my third time purchasing this line of hair dye (i can't bring myself to branch out!), i've done a post before with the result of the last time i dyed my hair, so if you want to read that click here :).  I'm not sure exactly when i'll be dying my hair, but sometime soon for sure!  I'll definitely be doing a post on it so look out for that :)

CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Waterproof in 825 "Very Black" - $6 with coupon
This mascara is one of the staples in my collection.  I had a $1 off Covergirl coupon so i thought i'd pick up another tube :).  I've never tried the waterproof version, so i thought i'd try it out for a change.  Three cheers for pretty lashes :)

Tresemme Curl Hydration Lotion Creme - $4-$5
I was strolling down the haircare aisle in attempt to look for a new hairspray when i spotted this.  From what i read on the bottle, it's basically a leave-in conditioner & not exactly 'curl-specific', which is good as i was actually on the hunt for a leave-in conditioner :).  Haven't tried this yet, but i'll test it out & see how it goes!
I also bought a backup of my favorite hairspray, Tresemme Tres Two Hold Hairspray.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in 025 Pink Please - on sale for about $5
Another repurchase!  This lipstick is one of my faves & definitely my most-worn lipstick.  It gives just the right pop of color, but is still quite subtle.  I have a full review here if you're interested!


I hope you ladies are all having a lovely week!  Tomorrow's Friday, yay :)
I'm off to go get ready to go see Lady GaGa tonight!  So freakin' excited ♥


  1. can never go wrong with tresemme hair products can ya! Hope Ya hava fab time tonight at lada gaga concert . Hay xxx

  2. I own the tresemme curl product!
    For when a girl my hair.
    It just makes your hair soft and luscious

    I also just bought the maybelline lipstick, but in a coral colooorrr

  3. i absolutely adoreee that maybelline lipstick :) great buys! <33

  4. i wish england had pink please!<3

  5. I love Tresemme products, I do not leave the house without my heat defence spray! Cannot go wrong :)