Monday, September 6, 2010

Current Perfume Love ♥

Before i start this post, i'd like to say thank you to everyone who gave recommendations of MAC eyeshadows to try out, i have a huge list now!  Thanks again ladies :)

As some of you may know from a previous post, i was looking for a new signature fragrance as i my beloved Vera Wang Princess was on it's last leg.  I hadn't had the chance to really test out all the perfumes i wanted to, so i kind of kept putting it out for a while.  About a week ago, my mom found that my oldest sister Stephanie had thrown out an almost-full bottle of perfume that she never wore.  My mom asked if i then wanted it, since she knew i was in need of a new fragrance, so i took it, not thinking i'd like it.

I have to say, the fragrance has really grown on me!  The perfume in question is Fancy by Jessica Simpson.  I didn't think i'd like it, as i kind of have a prejudice against celebrity perfumes to be quite honest, but this perfume has really exceeded my expectations.

The Scent & Lasting Power
I'm not the greatest at describing scents, but i'll do my best!  On me, Fancy smells quite fruity, but sweet at the same time.  It has hints of vanilla, but it's definitely not too overwhelming.  I'd say this fragrance is for younger girls, not so much more mature ladies as it is quite a youthful scent.  Since Fancy is an eau de parfum, it actually lasts quite a long time on the skin.  When i spray it in the morning before school, i can still smell it by seventh hour - muy impressed :).  The bottle is also huge so this will last for a while!


It's not the most classic of scents, but i do really like it & i'll be wearing it for a while :)
What perfume are you currently loving?


  1. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker.:D

    Happy Monday, Laura!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. I love this perfume. I just got it last week and have been wearing it non stop. It smells so fruity and sweet.

  3. I like how I can see you in the little ball thing at the top :) This scent sounds lovely! I'm not usually a perfume type of girl but lately i'm really into scents! As I told you on twitter i'm in love with BBW Sea Island cotton :) I also really love Twilight Woods, and their newest scent, Dark Kiss! Both are lovely for the fall time xo :)

  4. I quite like Fancy as well, same as u i wasnt too sure about it to start with. At min i'm loving 'romance' by ralph lauren a real light one for the summer and anything by Paul Smith

  5. @Caitlin - Oh god, at least you can't see my face! Haha D: Yes, Sea Island Cotton ftw :) Ooh, Dark Kiss smells delish as well! xo

  6. oooh im gonna remember it and smell it xxx

  7. I'm not really a fan of celebrity fragrances either but I'll have to give this one a smell :) I like the bottle.

  8. This looks cute, I've never smelled Jessica Simpson's perfume so next time I'm out I will do! :)

  9. This looks lovely! Im loving Ghost perfume at the moment! :) xx

  10. This is my favorite perfume ever! I know I will keep repurchasing it! I'm a sucker for anything sweet <3

    I'm disappointed Jessica's other fragrances, though 0=