Sunday, September 5, 2010

Starting a MAC Palette!

I recently ordered an empty MAC Pro Eyeshadow Palette online & woke up to it all wrapped up in MAC's signature black packaging on my dresser this morning!  I sprang out of bed & merrily ripped it open to reveal black tissue paper & a sleek black box, containing this beautiful palette :)


The initial reason i bought this was because i was planning on swapping with a girl for a depotted eyeshadow, and since i had no place to store depotted eyeshadow, i needed to acquire something that could, of course.  Well, she never messaged me back about the swap, so here i am with an empty MAC palette!  I don't regret ordering it though, because i do intend on using it, for collecting & storing gorgeous eyeshadows of course, and i think it would be amazingly handy for travelling.

This is where you lovely ladies come in!

I need your help!
I need recommendations on some eyeshadows that i need to check out!  I'm more of a neutral girl, as some of you may know, so shadows in the neutral range would be ideal :)  What are your go-to MAC shadows?

I have 15 spaces to fill up, slowly but surely of course, so leave your recommendations in a comment, Formspring, or tweet, and i'll definitely take a look at them next time i'm at a MAC counter!

Thank you so much in advance girlies :)


  1. I like woodwinked (a darker brown/neutral), a lot of people will probably recommend "all that glitters" as a good neutral, and I like "hey" and "retrospeck".. they're all pretty much different variations of a neutral brown. "Shroom" is a nice highlight color/for the browbone or I use it to blend. Have fun filling your palette, I've got 2 spaces left in mine, no idea when I'll get around to completing it!

  2. Ohh how fun! I dunno how I feel about MAC shadows, I only have three and kinda feel like most of them are all hyped up. I have tempting though, which I would def reccomend as it's a gorgeous really deep chocolate brown color with gold shimmer! And you need mythology as well, it's so pretty and sparkly and it would look great with your eye color! And while I don't own them, I swatch Trax and Woodwinked everytime I go to MAC and I'm really lemming them xo

  3. I'm in love with All That Glitters, Amber Lights and Mulch. They're all neutral shades, All That Glitters is a light shimmery champagne. Amber Lights is a amber/gold shade which is so pretty. Mulch is a dark brown with gold tones. :) Have fun filling your palette! x

  4. Carbon! that was my first and only at the moment but its the best black ever, pure matte, perfect blending, essential! But im definately intending on getting All that glitters, woodwinked, phloof and of course many more!!

  5. Im thinking of starting one of these myself but feel like I'd never fill it because I hardly ever buy mac shadows! although in saying that today I bought Bronze which compliments grey/blue eyes amazingly. xx

  6. Black Tied is SOO pretty. and definitely Tempting.

  7. MAC Sabel is so gorgggeous.
    I don't own it but It shall be my next buy

  8. Ok my absolute MAC neutral go-to's are always All That Glitters, Tempting, Woodwinked, Sable, Patina, Sumptuous Olive, Carbon, Shroom, and Espresso cause it's amazing for filling in brows! Hope this helps, have fun building your palette. Mine consumed me for about a year! Haha :D xxxx

  9. I love naturals too. Some of my fave are: allthatglitters, woodwinked, sable, patina, carbon (perfect for a smokey eye), naked lunch, and nylon (inner corner highlight). Love your blog by the way. New follower. :)

  10. Naked Lunch. Patina. Rice Paper. Amber Lights. Satin Taupe. Folie. :D

    Hope that helps, good luck!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  11. I have many on my wishlist too! I bought Naked Lunch last month and I love it. I have All that Glitters, Twinks, Satin Taupe and Knight Divine too. Keep us posted when you get new ones! xx

  12. i love mythology.
    its a beautiful sparkling gold.
    it looks really vibrant and crazy but i doesnt come off as strong.

  13. Hey hun some of mac eyeshadows i love are All that Glitters,Beautiful iris,Bitter,beauty marked,and espresso, Also know u love vintage kinda jewellery check out store here in england and they r amazin all hand made, deliver to america as well. xx