Monday, July 4, 2011

Day Three: Stonehenge & Bath

The third day in England, we took a little excursion out to visit Stonehenge and the city of Bath during the day, then drove back to London for dinner & more wandering around at night!  Not much else to say really.  The weather was beautiful once again, even early in the morning.  Stonehenge & Bath were both soo beautiful and quaint.  I am completely in love with the English countryside, or what i've seen of it - rolling hills and bright yellow & green fields.  Just stunning. ♥
Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post about the trip, i'm relieved you're not all fed up with me! ;)

Stonehenge.  It was really interesting hearing the theories behind everything!

A little peek at the lovely countryside. ♥

The Roman Baths/Bath City - does it look like a movie set or what?!
Wish we could've spent a little more time on our own in the city and have a little look at the shops & such, but it was so nice just relaxing by the bath water, strolling around, and enjoying the views. :)


As i mentioned before, we went back to London for dinner (we either had fish & chips or sausage & potatoes, can't remember!) and then it was either this night or the fourth night when we had free time and i went to Oxford Circus.  We had an hour or so before the shops all closed, but we ended up visiting Topshop (for all of five seconds, i swear...i wanted to find Primark!  Didn't end up finding it though..) and i popped into New Look and Boots and picked up some lovely things. :)


  1. Oh your photos are beautiful Laura (: I've never been to Bath, but two of my friends are from there, might have to pay them an impromptu visit and have a nose around, it looks like such a quaint and rustic city. xx

  2. Beautiful photographs! I adore Bath and live not far from it at all :D Glad you liked it!

  3. The photos you took are so beautiful Laura :) xx

  4. England looks so beautiful through your eyes! Primark is really hard to find on Oxford Street, its litrally like 10 minutes walk from all the rest of the shops haha!:) xx

  5. Glad you like our country- its great to see it through someone else's eyes :)x

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous photographs x

  7. Such magical photos! England looks so pretty!

    xo, gina

  8. Amazing photos, If you are going back to Oxford Circus, Primark is at the other end of Oxford Street you would be better getting off the tube at Marble Arch (: xo

  9. These photos are beautiful, Laura. Isn't England just an amazing country? I've never been to Bath or Stonehenge (I swear I never know how to spell this! haha), but they seem lovely! xx

  10. Topshop on Oxford Street is, without a doubt, one of the most horrific places I've ever been. I was in Shoreditch the day before I set-foot in there and was like "wow... these kids are hip, I bet all their stuff's vintage or handmade".

    A day later, I'm standing in the middle of the biggest Topshop on the planet going "Oh, right. They all just came here then?"

  11. Why on earth have I never been to Bath!?! It looks so pretty! I love Oxford Street's Topshop, it's amazing :)

    Gem x

  12. Beautiful photos of some truly beautiful places.

    Helen, X

  13. Bath is so beautiful, I'm off again in August and I can't wait!
    Hope for you tot take a look at my blog please?
    thank you! x

  14. I wish I was British. *sigh*


    Wait just a minute!


    Glad you had a lovely time here. Bath is such a lovely place. I want to live there one day!