Friday, July 15, 2011

Crop tops & crosses.

crop top - Forever 21
tank underneath - American Eagle
jeggings - Old Navy
necklace - thrifted
rings - Charlotte Russe & etsy
bracelets - Primark & Summerfest

Please excuse the mess in the background and the mirror photo... you know i can't resist a little Myspace shot. ;)

I played around a bit with a tripod i found in my dad's closet (part of my interest in photography has come from him :) yesterday as i had some time before i had to go to work, so thought i'd share some of the photos i snapped.  This is one of my new favorite tops i got on my last trip to Forever 21, can't believe almost walked out not getting it.  It was cool enough yesterday to wear it with my trusty jeggings, which i rolled up a tad so i wouldn't be too warm.  I wore this top to Summerfest as well last Saturday to see The Flaming Lips, but with denim shorts.  The phrase 'weekend warrior', besides being my new mantra, also reminds me of the song Weekend Wars by MGMT (no idea why... hm) - i was obsessed with them last summer... Twisted diamond heart, I'M THE WEEKEND WARRIOR. ;D

Not too much to report other than that, i've just been enjoying my free time when i get it and trying to soak in summer as much as i can.  On a bit of a side note, i'm super jealous of all of you who went to see Deathly Hallows Pt. II already.... I had no one to go with for the midnight showing (majority of my friends aren't into HP... crazy, right?!) so i ended up just watching Half-Blood Prince by myself after i came home & changed into my pj's.  I'm quite busy for the rest of this month (senior pictures, trying to get some driving sessions in, work, etc.), but will try to make a trip to the movie theater asap.  Oh, and this video basically sums up my feelings on the subject of Harry Potter.

Let me know if you like these kinds of posts and i will try and keep them up! (:


  1. love the snake ring, reminds me of slytherin! xo

  2. i love the cross necklace and your rings! in fact, the whole outfit is adorable! :)


  3. If we lived close I SO would've gone to see HP with ya! Haha. My boyfriend tells me there's no way he'll take me. Hanyway, cute cute shirt! Wish it came in something other than a cropped top as I think those look mega weird on me. Your hair is so long and I'm so jealous!

  4. Ohhh you look lovely, and i want to see HP toooo, im so jealous of the people who saw it early!! I cant wait, but im so sad as well! xx

  5. LOVE this outfit laura + you need to see HP asap!xx

  6. Gorgeous :)


  7. I've missed your blog posts, great outfit hope you're well xxxx

  8. Love your crop. MGMT are awesome. I'm off to see HP tonight!