Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Five things.

The last time i did one of these 'five things' posts was all the way back in December, so i figured i could maybe start it up again.  These are five things that have been making me happy/i'm currently obsessed with.  Not one of my usual kind of posts, but it's a nice change i think... :)
1. Bon Iver.  I recently went to see Bon Iver live (first date of his summer tour ;) and fell so in love with his/their music again.  Would definitely pay to see them again, so beautiful!  Justin Vernon is incredibly talented & his music is just poetry.  May be a bit cheesy to say, but y'know. :)  Picked up a t-shirt as well, they're printed on American Apparel tees so they're super comfy!

2. ~*Epic*~ films.  If you've followed my blog for a while, you may be aware of my being a super Inception-fangirl.  Christopher Nolan is seriously AMAZING and i literally love all of his films, and this one is just insane.  Lord of the Rings is also incredible, Peter Jackson is just fantastic and i literally love everything about this trilogy.  To me, these are the perfect movies - they're action-y, but they're not mindless (ahem, Transformers, etc.), like they take some thought and actually have substance.

3. Loading up on books to read.  I'm currently in the middle of reading the Harry Potter series (i'm just finishing up Chamber of Secrets) and Lolita (yes, still), but that doesn't stop me from adding books to my collection.  If i spot one or two while i'm at work, i'll pick them up and put them in this 'to be read' pile next to my bookshelf (my actual bookshelf is literally exploding with books, they're all crammed in there, poor things!).  Hopefully i'll be able to finish a few of these up by the time school *cringe* starts.  Can't believe i just said that.

4. Yogurt.  I have been consuming yogurt like crazy these past couple of days!  It just recently became one of my favorite foods, i could quite honestly eat yogurt until i get sick.  This Activia stuff is pretty amazing, my sister says i shouldn't have more than two or three a day though, since i could *actually* get sick... sigh!  Strawberry & blueberry are probably my faves flavor-wise. :)

5. Hand-me-down computers.  My sister recently got a new laptop so she decided to give her old one to me!  I'm using it right now actually & i'm quite thankful she was sweet enough to hand it over. :)


  1. Cute post huni :)

    My book pile is ridiculous! Feel your pain!



  2. I have got to agree I am also addicted to yogurt! Love the post

  3. this is just a genius idea! and I LOVE Bon Iver, very jealous. And I'm also reading Grimm's fairy tales atm, but my sister's uni annotated version (find that it justifies the fact I'm reading kid's books haha) x

    ramz and the flock

  4. nice photos! I am also a huge Lord of the Rings geek :D I love all the old books you have as well. lovely blog! xx

  5. ohh you lucky thing seeing bon iver! it looks absolutely amazing! i completely agree with you about Christopher Nolan, he's awesome!:)xx

  6. i love goats yoghurt! sounds gross but it's act really gorg and idk creamy...frothy?

    love your blog :D The header and title are just beautiful!


  7. INCEPTION! Such a mind-trip movie.
    Harry Potter books! The BEST. :D
    Yogurt! Y-U-M.

    I just came across your blog today. It's Very LOVELY :]


  8. Love your blog! http://openboxjewels.blogspot.com/

  9. I love Bon Iver. Holocene is currently on repeat all the time! I've never seen inception but I've heard so much about it! I might have to watch it sometime!

    Great Post xo

  10. SO jealous that you've seen Bon Iver! Definitely need to see them live at some point :) xx