Thursday, August 25, 2011

The H&M addiction continues.

My mom & i made an impromptu visit to a mall that is about a 20 minute drive from my house, we justified going there by saying i 'need more practice driving'. ;)  I know, i know, i know i've been saying i'm going to try to save my money & not shop as much, but i think once school starts i'll have less time to go shopping (as i won't have as much free time!) and therefore my spending habits will calm down a bit.  Well, here's to hoping at least.... haha :l
H&M is quickly becoming my favorite store, i talked about this in my last H&M 'haul' post, but it's very much ~my style~ and their autumn/winter stock they have in at the mo is so nice!  After making two returns, i had a very long look around the store (i literally look through every single rack of clothes, sometimes going over the same ones multiple times.. i probably look like a mad woman), tried on a lot of things, and tried to narrow my choices down!  Aaaaand here is what i ended up getting.

Collared top - $17.95, striped pocket tank top - $12.95
Once i spotted the top on the left, i knew it had to be mine!  I didn't really have a top like this in my wardrobe, and i kind of gasped when i saw it.  It's so simple, but i love the black collar & how the black continues down the front.  It's slightly longer & drapey.  Will look awesome with jeans.  Don't really like baring my arms, but i might layer this.  Not sure how i the whole collar + sweater/cardi suits me though!
The striped tank top is another basic, and i know i'm going to wear the crap out of it!  It's actually perfect.  End of really. :)

Denim shirt - $24.95, red cardi w/ black elbow patches - $24.95
I actually tried this denim shirt on during my last H&M visit, but decided against it because it is so massive.  I'd been thinking about it since then & when i saw it there again, i just had to pick it up.  It was all on it's lonesome so i couldn't find a smaller size, but i'm in love with it.  The wash is amazing & feels really nice, i know it will hold up for a while.  Love it with the sleeves rolled up & maybe that striped tank underneath with some black jeans? :)
And omg, THIS cardigan.  I am, for some reason, completely entranced by elbow patches & have always wanted a sweater/cardigan with the lovely, 'grandpa' detail.  I stumbled upon this cardigan and immediately decided i had to get it.  I literally want it in every color & pattern (they had black & a few other colors, as well as black & white stripes), but i think i'll have to save that for another time.  It was a tough moment letting the other ones go... Haha.

Blazer - 34.95 (my mom actually treated me to this, bless her :'), dress - $9.95
I ended up stocking up on a lot of basics (and all in black, coincidentally!).  H&M has a great basics range - tank tops, dresses, etc. in various different colors at very reasonable prices.  Two more-'wardrobe staples' i got were the blazer jacket (which i just saw Lily has as well - i'm not copying her with the sweater & the jacket, i swear haha :) & the dress - both can be used to layer and can be used in many different ways - hence, basics!
The blazer is actually perfect, it's not made of the typical, heavy 'suit' material, it's actually a lot more lightweight & a thinner, so i think i will get a lot of use out of it.  It's casual, but still very smart. :)  I actually had to get a small in the dress as my typical medium was quite large on me, i think it's just H&M sizing tbh!  Can be very hit & miss.

Looser, longer black racerback tank - $12.95, basic lace cami - $7.95
Two tank tops!  The one on the left is a loose, drapey one that i love layering with, and the length is a bit longer so i think shorter girls could get away wearing it with leggings.  It's a really nice material as well, i know i'll get a ton of use out of it.  The tank top on the left is to replace one that i've had for a while & has gotten a bit worn out (pun intended).  I wear these kinds of camis under everything, i think i have about three or four in my wardrobe now!

Treggings/black jeggings - $12.95
These jegging thingys i'm a little torn on.  They are slightly too short & the waist is quite big, but i'm in need on black jeggings & these were only $12.95.  I'll have to try them on again & make up my mind, but for now i think they're quite cool.  I love the seaming detail that runnings across the thigh (i tried to photograph it but kinda failed) - it runs down the top of the thigh then curves inward & reaches the knee-area.  I already have black skinny jeans, but they are so uncomfortable & they're super low rise, i'm hoping to replace those with these!


Red suede ballerina flats - $12.50
White & pink crochet flats - $5.50 each
I ended up stopping by Wet Seal briefly to look at the shoes they had as i actually quite like what they have for shoes most of the time & they're all super inexpensive (apologies for the very wordy sentence).  I've been on & off the search for some awesome red flats for a while, and i think these are perfect.  The price can't be beat either!  I bought a back up pair of my white crochet flats as i absolutely live in them, and they were on a "buy one pair, get another for a penny" deal, so i got the pink as well!  So i ended up getting three pairs of shoes for less than $25.  That's insanity, in an awesome way of course. ;)


  1. I love all the things you got !!
    White corchet flats are adorable

  2. it's true! all the thing are amazing!

  3. Love H&M - love their choice and their prices x

  4. ahh i love the clothes you picked and i love h&m. i have to wear a suit to school this year and i'm going there to buy it and some cute blouses :)

  5. Elbow pads are legit. The crochet flats are cute :)

  6. That is one hell of a haul! I love the crochet flats.

  7. Gorgeous stuff! I agree, the AW stuff from H&M is looking amazing :)

  8. you got such freekin cute stuff.
    i love it allll. <3

  9. Amazing haul! I agree, H&M are really upping their game at the moment. And they stay so affordable too! I love that cardigan and am going to try to seek one out for myself