Monday, January 18, 2010

Review: Clinique High Impact Mascara

I got this mascara a while back (I know, you're not supposed to keep mascaras that long, but hellooooo, I'm on a budget!) & decided to share my thoughts on it :).

I got a sample size of this once upon a time and liked it so much that I got the full size.  According to the website, this mascara is supposed to volumize & lengthen your lashes, but here's my take -

Color: it's your standard black, basically ;)
Drying time: I find it takes a bit longer than typical drugstore mascaras to dry, so if I'm in a big rush, I usually reach for something else
Wand: the wand is long & skinny, making it easy to get to harder to reach places, like the inner corner of the eye & it's easier to use on the lower lash line
Volume?: I find it does quite volumize the lashes
Lengthen?: it doesn't lengthen as much as a mascara that's main purpose is lengthening, but it does still lengthen the lashes
Clumping?: I find if you put more than one coat on, which I do, it clumps a bit, but it's not awful
Long-lasting?: this mascara does last a pretty long time, but I notice it does flake a bit, meaning little clumps of the mascara fall down & onto your cheeks, I also reccomend curling your lashes when you're freshening up in the middle of the day

Overall thoughts:
This was my holy grail mascara, until I was introduced to CoverGirl's Lash Blast.  I honestly do like Lash Blast better, & for the price difference, I go for Lash Blast.  (Lash Blast is about $7, whereas High Impact is $14).  I do use Clinique's High Impact Mascara mainly when I'm running into public really quick & I want to wear something on my eyes but not put a lot of effort into my looks.  I feel it goes great with some quick concealer, powder, and rosy blush :)


one coat:

two coats:

I'm off to get some food in my belly & take a Lush bath :).  Hope you all had a great Monday!
Got any questions?  Don't be hesitant to ask!


  1. your eyelashes are so very pretty!


  2. i was thinking about buying this the other day..thanks for the review! <3

  3. @Greer thanks doll! :) xx

    @Anonymous no problem! <3