Thursday, December 2, 2010

festive nails.

Christmas has to be one of my favorite things ever (by far the best time of the year!) - the snow, the Christmas music on the radio, the decorations, the 'Christmas spirit', the delicious food, the gifts - it's all so lovely :).  I know i'm not the only one who loves to get a bit festive during the holiday season, with pretty dresses and sparkly accessories and such, and nail polish is a cute little way to get yourself in the Christmas spirit, even though it's so subtle!

I was on the hunt for a forest green nail polish and when i saw this sparkling with all it's might in the aisles of Walmart, i knew i just had to get it!  Sally Hansen is probably my favorite brand of drugstore nail polishes, so i knew this would get a lot of use from me.  They also had a few other jewel toned, frosty shades (jewel toned anything is always amazing in my book) which i was really tempted to buy as they looked absolutely gorgeous, but resisted as i didn't want to go completely nail polish-insane haha.  So i ended up picking up this shade, 22 Jumpin' Jade ♥
Sorry as it's a bit messy!
The color itself is obv very pretty and what you see in the bottle is basically what you get, although in some lightings the jade reflex is hidden a bit (which goes for any nail polish really!).  This is one coat, which is crazy - i'll probably be adding another coat tonight though to give it a bit more thickness too it.  The brush is awesome as well, it's wide but flat, which makes it really easy to apply.  These also don't take forever to dry, which is a big thumbs up from me!  The only thing i was a bit disappointed with is that it's already started chipping and i just painted them last night.

Definitely go check these polishes out, i think they're a great value for $4.50 and they have the most gorgeous shades ever.
Hope you're all having a great day & i hope all you girls in England don't get buried in the snow! ;)


  1. Ooh I like it, I'm definitely on the search for a nice deep green shade to wear throughout December, I'm currently sporting Barry M's Red Glitter nail polish which is absolutely gorgeous and soo festive! :) xoxo

  2. Love it! So christmassy! :)

  3. Love these polishes, but I hate that they aren't as fast drying as they claim! Still, they do have some awesome colors and I still like them just the same.

  4. hello perfect christmas nails.

  5. SUCH a nice colour! it really reminds me of christmas trees and pine needles :) lovely.
    haha i'm in england, and pretty much snowed in!

  6. This colour is stunning, and only one coat?! Woww! :) xx

  7. Lovely colour :). I'm more like ice-skating then getting buried in the snow :)

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