Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the lennon effect

Apparently my arm/hand/whatever likes to make an appearance in all my photos!
I'd been taking a little break from eyeshadow, simply wearing liquid liner & mascara, but i've rediscovered my love for it!
top - H&M
white tank - American Eagle
shoes - Forever 21
sunglasses - thrift

01. As some of you may or may not know, today - thirty years ago - was the day John Lennon was murdered.  I wasn't aware of this until Jac Vanek tweeted about it, but i thought i'd dedicate this little outfit of the day post to him. He was an incredible artist and an inspiration to many.  He also (to my knowledge) kind of popularized the silouette of the sunglasses i'm wearing with this outfit!  The definitely don't suit me as well as they did him, but they have a great vintage feel & are a nice little tribute to him.  I'll leave you to listen to one of most well-known songs, Imagine.  Rest in Peace John ♥

02. I have YET to start my English essay!  (Speaking of The Beatles....).  I don't know why it's taking forever!  I promise i'll stop writing about this haha.  Motivation please?  Lol :).  I've recently changed the little message thing in the comments section, deff have a read before you leave a comment - it's not directed toward anyone in particular, but it's something that's been getting on my nerves lately.  I'll probably do a ranty post soon on what's been on my mind lately!

03. One of my best blogger girlies, Alexandra, made a new blog with one of her friends, definitely check it out!  Click here to have a little look :).  They've just gotten started, but so far it's an inspiration & beauty type of blog, so if that's something you're interested in, go have a clicky click!

04.  I don't know what's been up with me lately (probably hormones) but i've been drooling all over guys this entire week - even more than usual!  My friends have most likely gotten incredibly annoyed with me talking constantly about the opposite sex, but i can't help it!  There's one fella in particular but i won't bore you with that ;)

05. I was totally right about my mom surprising me with Inception btw, just as i predicted!


  1. I love those glasses! Sucha cute outfit! And thank you so much for the blog shout out, you wonderful lady you. Now get back to that English paper ;) <3 x

  2. Aw, poor Mr Lennon. You picked out my favorite song (Imagine) to post! I always think about the time I did ballet as a little girl and we danced to that song. Good memories! Great sunglasses and I absolutely love the last picture of you in this post. You look so peaceful and beautiful!

  3. I love how you wore the Lennon sunglasses in your photo today! Cool idea :)

  4. Oh my gosh, you look so cute with those glasses!:D

    Loving your dress and shoes.;D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. I love your top Laura<3, i love the twist of the quirky glasses too!xxx

  6. Aww you look gorgeous- love how john inspired you! <3
    And ohhh, inception lucky girl! :) xx

  7. your outfit is amazing! the glasses are so john lennony, haha.
    this is gonna sound so perverted... BUT.... your lips are like PERFECT.. how do you get them so amazing? like do you use a lip scrub or something?

  8. @altbeauty92 - Np :) I'm trying! Haha xo

    @Aimee - Imagine is such a beautiful song, John Lennon was a true artist! Aww thanks so much <3 xo

    @Jennifer - Thanks! xo

    @Marie - Thank you :) xo

    @Holly - Thanks! Me too, those sunglasses are my pride & joy - and only like 75 cents too! xo

    @Hannah - Thank you sweetie! Ahh, can't get enough of that movie!

    @hawaiianpunchelsea - Thank you <3 xo

    @Bella - Thanks! Aww, not perverted at all haha - thank you! I put a heavy chapstick on every night before i go to bed, and yeah i occasionally use a lip scrub - i have a post on that if you want to check it out! xoxo


  9. i have this blouse also :) but mines a sage green colour :D i just found your blog and it's lovely, new follower! :) xo