Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lush's Twilight Bath Bomb ♥

Last night i had the pleasure of using one of Lush's newer bath bombs (aka ballistics) that i got in a recent haul - it's called Twilight.  Now, those of you who may be put off by the name (if you're not to big on the Cullens, hehe) will be relieved to hear that this is not related to the series at all, but the effect it leaves on the bathwater - but more on that later.  This was the first of the Lush bath bombs made with the newer formula that i tried, and i'm really glad i did decide to try it. 

First off - the smell.  It smells absolutely gorgeous, of lavender and mild (not nose-piercing) vanilla.  It's very relaxing & calming, and really helped my mind to slow down a bit.  I actually thought about the English paper i have to write (*ahem* nerd), and figured out what i'm going to talk about - mhm, this never happens haha.

A little bit after plopping Twilight into the tub.  *Froths* haha
The ballistic itself is huge and pink with little stars & a moon stamped on it - how cute! - but fizzes away to reveal a blue inside, how awesome is that?!  Twilight was actually quite enjoyable to watch because it was just bouncing around & frothing - i was literally looking at it and smiling like a dork haha.  It lasted quite a long time in the tub as well, which is really nice.  I don't really like when they just fizz out & leave you sitting there bored!

The blue inner bit :)
This bath bomb was actually named after the way the bathwater looks as it's fizzing out & after the ballistic's all gone.  The water honestly looked SO gorgeous, i literally couldn't stop staring at it - and this is bathwater i'm talking about!  I honestly felt like i was sitting in the night sky, as crazy as that sounds - the water was left a rich purple color, with little specks of glitter (aka stars :) floating around.  Usually i'd be put off by glitter, but you can't feel the specks at all since they're quite fine.  Twilight also left the bathwater really silky & lovely, which my skin really seemed to appreciate :).

The bathwater, with flash & without
This bath bomb is $4.95 and i would definitely repurchase this.  Next time you go into Lush, i suggest you have a whiff of this!  I think Twilight has actually converted me into a ballistic person, i thought the bubble bars were my thing but i am in loveeeee!  This has easily become one of my favorite Lush products for sure :).

Playlist for this bath bomb:
Mr. Blue Sky - ELO - perfect for when you just plop it in the bath and it starts fizzing & frothing haha

I wrote a post a long time ago about how to take a 'proper' Lush bath, you can read that here :)
Happy bathing!


  1. I have one of these sitting in my room waiting to be used! I think I might have to use it tonight! I never knew it was blue inside! :D
    It smells gorgeous though!!

  2. Wow this looks gorgeous, im definately picking this up next time im in Lush! I love Twilight too, so its perfect :) xx

  3. looks gorgeous! great blog!

  4. This looks so good (: I'm glad I bought one of these to try out now! Great review sweet, I like the mini playlist idea as well; a bubble bath isn't a bath unless there's some music playing after all! xxx

  5. I loved this one! Definitely one of my favourites :) xx

  6. This bomb is my favorite smell from Lush at the moment, it's SO nice

  7. Looks so pretty! I've never bought anything from Lush, but I really want to! xx

  8. I neeeeeed that bath bomb! And i am actually relieved that it has nothing to do with twilight, haha. I must get it!

  9. that is a freekin sweet bath bomb!
    looks like a luxurious bath.<3

  10. Oh my, this looks/sounds amazing. I'm kinda have to try it out. Thanks for this post (: I love how the water looks! Ooh, I love how you've done a little playlist too! Have a lovely week sweet.

  11. definitely going to smell this next time i visit lush :D!xxx

  12. Need to pick up sone new bits from Lush, this will deff be one of them ;) x