Saturday, November 27, 2010

November in Photos

Before i start this post, i would like to say a big hello to all my new followers!  I'm assuming you all came from the lovely Sabrina's blog (i've already thanked you but, thank you girly :).  So welcome to Big City Dreams, hope you like what you find here ♥ *hugs*.  

If you haven't noticed already, i added a 'reads' page with a list of amaze-tastic blogs for you girls to check out.  Go have a little look if you fancy it!

The months have been just flying by lately - didn't the Valentine's Day goodies at Lush just come out a couple weeks ago?  Haha, goodness me.  Thanks for all the 'happy Thanksgiving's, i had quite a pleasant one!  I'm jealous of all of you who have snow where you live already - there was a brief flurry by me a few days ago, but it just melted right away.  It's not supposed to be a very snowy winter where i live which is kind of sad :/.  I love white Christmases!  Well i thought i'd share with you what i've been doing this past November.  It wasn't too adventurous, but kinda lovely nonetheless.  Happy December if i don't see you by Wednesday!

My November consisted of:
Awesome sunrises, pretty lighting, a trip downtown, a lot of Wii, rediscovered classic livelavalive videos, lounging in bed, more Myspace-esque photos, a ton of butter popcorn, a treat from my grandma, meeting Dr. Drew ♥, movie nights with friends, donating blood (#10 on my list!), tracking intense storms, wearing bows & flowers in my hair, fires, and Christmas decorations.

Currently listening to: Mr. Blue Sky - ELO


  1. Great pictures! I'm a new follower loving the blog :)

  2. i freekin love this post,
    love these photos,
    and love your cute face.<3

  3. @Reyna - Thanks :) xo

    @Ess-Jay24 - Thanks! Awwe glad you like it <3 xo

    @Julianne - <33333333333333333333 xoxo

  4. happy thanksgiving and lovely post!


  5. you're SO pretty laura! welldone for donating blood<3,xxx

  6. You take such amazing photos Laura! Wish i had the photography skills like you! You should do a post on it! :) xx

  7. I don't like needles, which is why i've not donated....but well done you :). I always want to though.

  8. I love these posts (: I love sunrises - they're so gorgey. Well done for giving blood! You must feel real good about it. I give blood fortnightly but unfortunately it goes straight to my specialist. Boo for being unwell! Have a lovely week.