Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 Things I Want To Do

I saw this post on Katherine's blog Paper Pocket (she's super lovely btw :) and her list of 30 things she wanted to do was amazing, so it inspired me to do my own.  Definitely feel free to do this post as well, i'd love to read it!  These things are in no particular order, just typing them as they pop into my head, hope you enjoy ♥

monday's list.
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1. Move to a big city or a cottage in the woods (a la Sleeping Beauty :)
2. Open my own sweet shop.
3. Marry an amazing man.
4. Play in an orchestra outside of high school.
5. Go sledding with friends.
6. Bake and decorate cut-out cookies for Christmas.
7. Climb a tree.
8. Go on a ton of roller coasters and scream my head off.
9. Redecorate my room.
10. Donate blood.
11. Finish my Wreck This Journal.
12. Travel the world with someone i love (there are just too many places to list!).
13. Try various different foods.
14. Go to space.
15. Learn how to surf.
16. Dream more.
17. Travel the entire Route 66, from Chicago to Los Angeles, baby.
18. Learn two different languages, not including English.
19. Read more books that aren't just mental chewing gum (Twilight, ahem).
20. Stop wasting time seeking other people's approval.
21. Be nicer to the people who love me.
22. Become less dependent on technology.
23. Learn how to play the harp and piano.
24. Be in a musical.
25. Own a kitten.
26. Make beautiful things - babies, music, etc. :)
27. Do what i love, and help people along the way.
28. Go to the places The Lord of the Rings was filmed.
29. Start taking dance classes again.
30. Complete everything on this list.


  1. This is great :) I think I may have to do this myself! x

  2. oh my gosh, i have like so much in common with you, hahaha, i'm in orchestra - i play the viola. i'm from the midwest, & i really want to learn how to play the harp!

  3. that's an awesome list, i love the route 66 idea!
    may also do this :)

  4. thats a really good list hun


  5. This is so sweet and inspiring, now i want to make one! :) xx

  6. this is such a lovely list :) i need to make one too! i loved the 'make beautiful things' one :) <33

  7. i have a wreck this journal also. haha its been on my bucket list to finsh it forever.
    great list!:)

  8. This is a really inspiring thing to do =]

  9. Soo many lovely things here! I want to make Christmas shaped cookies too lol.. x

  10. Oh, grand idea!! Ima put my bucket list on my blog B-]

    I can't believe how many we have in common.

    I want to be in Cats :) :) :)

  11. this is so great, it's like a bucket list!