Thursday, November 11, 2010


I apologize for this being my second kind of 'personal' post in a row!
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Mumford & Sons
♥ Listening to Mumford & Sons' album "Sigh No More" - SO freakin' good (a lot of girlies on Twitter agree as well, love it :).  I don't think there's a song on there that i wouldn't put on repeat!  My current faves - After the Storm, White Blank Page, The Cave, Dust Bowl Dance, and Little Lion Man.
Glenfinnan 1986
♥ Waiting for next Thursday to come sister & i got tickets to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1!  SO pumped!  It looks super intense & just overall amazing.  Anyone else going? :)
♥ Reminiscing about the incident that occurred in gym today.  We were playing four-base (it's like kickball but on steroids) & i go to catch the ball that someone just kicked that bounced off the wall, and this guy comes out of nowhere (you know how guys can be in gym class -____-), and pushes me over to catch the ball himself.  I guess he meant to push me by the arm, but instead his hand went directly on my BOOB.  Yup, it wasn't just a little nudge or whatever, it was a full-on grab!  Don't think anyone noticed but us...haha ohhh the situations i get myself into.
♥ Getting inspired by a ton of beautiful photos on Flickr.  If you want to see the photos i've favorited, click here :).  There's an incredible amount of talent out there, and i'm so glad that the internet provides a way to discover it.
♥ Stressing majorly about all the homework and studying i have to do tonight (which i'm currently procrastinating doing D:), and all the tests & quizzes i have tomorrow.  Is it the weekend yet?  Eurg.
she eee e ee ee e e r.
♥ Feeling uninspired in terms of outfits lately.  Don't know what it is, but i feel like going to school comfortable and in just sweats.  Why put in the effort, ya know?  Hope i get out of this slump soon!
Stoney Man Point - Skyline
♥ Recognizing Veteran's Day ♥.  Cannot show my appreciation enough for the people who put their own lives on the line to maintain our freedom.  Holly told me of this really awesome thing that people do in England - they wear poppies on Armistice Day (today) in rememberance of the soldiers because poppies grew on the fields after World War I - wish we had something like this over here!  Really wish everyone could realize how important this day is ♥.


  1. Thats funny because I basically agree with everything you have just written, especially the love for mumford and sons and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (eeeek!) Fern, xxx

  2. As we discussed on Twitter, I absolutely love Mumford & Sons. Furthermore, I adore Harry Potter and totally can't wait to see it next week. I watched the live streaming of the premiere tonight and it's got me so excited! Yeah, over here we all wear our poppies with pride. I think it's a really nice sentiment (:

  3. In Britain we buy poppys from a charity to support the Royal British Legion. (Which is to do with the arms forces and such)

    Im so excited for Harry Potter aswell! I've booked my boyfriend and I tickets to see it next Friday! He's such a HP geek its unbelievable haha

  4. Everyone wears poppys here (UK) to show their respect and we lay poppy wreaths at centotaphs to show respect as well.

    I'm going to see HP on the day it comes out too....really excited - shame its in two parts though...

  5. Boob grab? Sorry about that.. did he apologize?

    Good luck on your tests and quizzes, don't stress too much!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. i love the cave by mumford and sons<3, i watched harry potter last week at the cast+crew showing:D, it's so amazing, you definitely wont be dissapointed laura! and thanks for mentioning me (:,xxx

  7. Yeahh we all wear poppies to show our respect and have a minute silence.
    I cannot wait for Harry Potter! And hehe, i love the story about Gym class! xx

  8. I love the light filtering through that nightie. So soft and romantic.