Sunday, November 14, 2010

Five Things

Inspired by (well, stolen from!) Emily's "Five Things" post :)
This week has been really hectic with school and my family and everything, but this post will be focusing on much happier things!  These are five things that have made me a bit more cheerful this week.  I wanted to include Mumford & Sons in this post but i literally just did a post featuring them!  Haha, they really have made this week more tolerable though.
So here we go ♥:
1. Slippers!  These may not be the most attractive 'things' you can put on your feet, but they are insanely comfy & warm - and for my abnormally cold feet, these are an essential for wearing around the house :).  (Although i admit to wearing them in public once or twice :P).

2. Tweak: Growing Up On Methamphetamines by Nic Sheff.  I started re-reading this book a couple days ago, and i love it.  It's a memoir, and it's so raw and honest.  Once i start reading it, i just can't put it down.  Definitely a must-read!  You can read more about it here.

 3. DIY button earrings!  I did a post on these a long, long time ago, but i've recently rediscovered them and have been wearing them with everything.  They really add a lovely detail to any outfit and remind me of something Jennie would like - probably because of the anchors :).

 4. Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin.  I got a sample of this through a swap i did and kind of put of trying it out for a while.  I decided to give it a go a few days ago and i love it!  It's basically the same shade as their eyeshadow "Sin", but it's a base at the same time so you can skip a step!  Really love this, makes me want to try out some different bases (such as MAC paintpots or Benefit creaseless cream shadows!).

5. Re-organizing my room.  There's something about rearranging things and finding a home for bits floating around my room that i find really relaxing.  I'm secretly obsessed with all things storage & organization, i'm not sure why!  This is a little glimpse of what's inside my closet, i'm planning on doing a closet tour video when i get the chance!

What has been picking you up lately?


  1. those earrings are lovely!
    i was thinking about getting the urban decay primer myself, i've heard good things about it. i recommend benefit creaseless creams, they're great :)

  2. great pictures<3, i love the earings, definitely very 'jennie' haha (:!xxx

  3. I love those earrings they are so cute :-)
    I have been picking up scarf's like crazy for the past few months, I wear one with every outfit.

  4. Oooh those slippers look so cosy!!! xx

  5. Wow, i cant believe you made those earrings, they are gorgeous! And i know what you mean about organising, it always relaxes me hehe!xx

  6. I love slippers haha! And yes, I adore those earrings, soso cute! <3 xoxo

  7. I love this post! The slippers and earrings look so cute :) <3 xxxx

  8. I love re-organising things and just organisation in general! I've got some Accessorize slippers on my christmas list (:

  9. Those slippers look so warm and comfy x

  10. freekin cute stuff.
    youre such a doll.<3

  11. having things oragized is always relaxing, and those furry things look so comfy and warm!

    xxx Charlie
    Feminine Bravery

  12. Cute button earrings! That's a great DIY idea, so simple! Good luck organizing your room, I'm in the midst of that as well, eek!

  13. Your slippers look so comfy!!! I can imagine just how fluffy and warm they are to wear :)

    I think I might do a 'five things' post soon!

    Gem x

  14. I love warm and fuzzy slippers they are the best!!

  15. i loved the earrings..

    first time on your blog...

    do check mine