Tuesday, November 30, 2010

what i wore ♥

I haven't done a proper 'outfit of the day' in a while, but i've been determined to get these started up again, but improved a bit this time!  (Not to say this is much of an improvement ha :/).  So it's out with the 'mirror pics' & in with trying to take decent photos of my outfits.  The lighting in my entire house is definitely not photo-friendly, and even if i do find an okay spot to take photos, i have no place to put my camera!  Quite annoying actually.  I have to add, i absolutely hate the pink background on these photos.  I took them in my room (hence the pink walls) - i need to paint my room!  Getting sick of this color anyway.
tank - Forever 21
cardigan - H&M
high-waisted shorts & necklace - Charlotte Russe
 L-R: Pacsun, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe
This outfit's really not too interesting, but i tried something new & realized i quite like it!  It's wearing leggings with a shorter top, but wearing a skirt or shorts over the leggings (but under the top) - wearing leggings as pants is no-no for me!  I'm probably going to try the skirt-leggings combo tomorrow, with another cardigan & top.  (Exciting isn't it?) haha.

I did a presentation for history yesterday on Woodstock, and it actually went really well!  I'm probably not the only one who feels this way, but i find things a lot easier to talk/write about if it's something i actually am interested in or something i enjoy.  That's why i chose to do a presentation on Woodstock and why i'm choosing to do my English paper on The Beatles ♥.

Anyone else as excited for Christmas as i am?!  My friends & i have been planning so many fun things to do in the upcoming month and i cannot wait :).  I might be doing a Christmas wishlist sorta post, but i'm not too sure if it'll be interesting at all, haha.  We'll see!

I'd really like to hear your feedback on this post, would you like to see more of these?  Otherwise i won't go through the trouble of taking the photos & such!  Plz let me know ladies :)


  1. I love your rings! Big love for the red stone one! Your tops also really gorgeous :) Fern x

  2. Yeah i would like to see more of these posts! I have the same problem trying to do outfit of the days, no room, so backgrounds terrible and lighting not great and nowhere to put the camera, its not as easy as it looks!
    Gorgeous rings btw.

  3. i love your hair. and the owl ring is adorable <3

  4. you look hot! i love your rings<3,xxx

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  6. Omgg, i adore that owl ring!! :) You look gorgeous as per usual and i love these posts, keep 'em coming! :)) xx

  7. I love outfit posts as I find them really inspiring - keep 'em coming :)

    Have a great day