Friday, December 17, 2010

christmas come early

I've been feeling really down lately (a combination of stress, hormones, and impatience), but i've received two things in the mail this past week that have helped cheer me up a bit!  My mom treated me to some Sephora goodies and i also won Amy's 100 follower giveaway, and just got her package yesterday :).  This will hopefully hold me over till Christmas!
Amy at Glamour Rouge's Giveaway Prizes

01. Awesome bedazzled nail file
02. Amy makes & sells some lovely jewelry and hairpieces on her Etsy, and gave away one of her three-strand headpiece - unfortunately my massive head is too big for it, boo :/.  I do think it would look so cute & quirky though!
03. Two L.A. Colors nail polishes - in shades Berry & Metallic Copper.  Can't wait to try these out, they look really nice.
04. MUA lip gloss in shade four & MUA eyeshadow in shade eleven pearl.  I was particularly excited for these two products, after hearing really positive reviews from Kate at Dollybowbow.  The eyeshadow actually reminds me a lot of MAC's Satin Taupe, which i love - can't wait to try these babies out!

Thanks so much again Amy :) ♥

Sephora & Walmart goodies

01. Revlon Fantasy Lengths False Lashes - 91002 Intensifying.  These are admittedly my first pair of fake (blah, hate that word) lashes, but i figured i'd get them as they were on sale at Walmart.  Excited to try these out, but i know i'll be a total failure at applying them properly!
02. Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  I'm nearly out of my Urban Decay Primer Potion and thought i'd try something new.  I do like UDPP & it works really well for me, but it's such a hassle getting all the product out (i know SO many people have the same problem), so i thought i'd try this which is said to be just as good.
03. BareMinerals Mineral Veil - original.  I was running out of this, just a repurchase!
04. Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in R.S.V.P.  I'd been really curious to try out one of these creaseless cream shadows ever since i heard Gemma first rave about them.  R.S.V.P. is just a neutral shade, reminds me a lot of Urban Decay's eyeshadow in Sin, but so far i quite like it.  Probably not worth $19, but it's nice.  I've only worn this with a primer, so i'm not sure how it is on it's own, i'll try that out eventually :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.  Eight days till Christmas!


  1. very nice purchases! I really like shadow insurance more than UDPP. Congrates on winner her givaway. i love seeing posts of what people got in the mail.. ahah but not in a creepy way

  2. cheer up lovely, hope you're okay! :)
    have definitely got to try one of those eyeshadows, they always look lovely in the shop!
    congrats on winning the give away too :) xxx

  3. @hawaiianpunchealsea - Thanks, haha i do too! Love getting things in the mail, & seeing what other people get in the mail is almost like getting a package yourself, but not really baha xoxo

    @Sarah - Thanks so much sweetie <3 They seem like a really great value, the pigmentation on the one i got is amazing for the price xo

  4. ahh! you should post a post on the lashes, like with them on & such.

  5. Oh I think we all get weeks like that where we just cannot be bothered! Urgh I know how you feel :)
    You've got some lovely goodies. I've been wanting to try the Benefit creaseless cream for a while now so would be nice to see how it works for you xx

  6. @Auby - Okay, i'll try & get that up :) Thanks for the suggestion! xo

    @Abbie - Ahh, that's definitely the week i'm having :/ Thanks for your empathy! Ha. I'll try to do a review on the creaseless cream shadow or something :) xo

  7. Fab haul! Welldone on winning the giveaway (:,xxx

  8. These all look fab! Lucky thing winning the giveaway, glad you got to try out some MUA! :)xx

  9. N'aww, looks like you won a good giveaway (: Chin up sweetie (: