Monday, December 20, 2010

monday summary

fatty status!
♥ Well, not much to report to be honest - i've literally been in bed all day, eating brownies, watching Gossip Girl, & being kept warm by my frog-printed rice bag that my mom made me :).  (But Laura, shouldn't you be in school?)  Yes, yes i should be.  Kind of a long story, but to sum it up i guess i just didn't want to go.  I blamed lady problems for the reason i couldn't go to school today because really, who can make you go to school if you're feeling miserable?  We only have two days left of school this week (then Christmas...WOOOOO) so i suppose i can suck it up!

♥ Speaking of Gossip Girl... John Patrick Amedori (aka Aaron).  MMMM ♥.  I totally recognized him from somewhere & it wasn't until i Googled him just now that he was in Stick It!  Oooh, i love him.  Kinda wished he would've worked it out with Serena in season two..i guess Dan & Serena were just meant to be haha.

♥ Been considering semi-permanently dyeing my hair again, it would be the same color that i did last time.  I think i would miss my kinda-ombre hair though :/.  I'm also worried that if i did dye it, the color wouldn't be consistent on all my hair, since the ends are bleached.  Anyone know if it would all be the same shade of brown or if it would be lighter on the ends?  Haha :/.

♥ I've wrapped the gifts for my sisters & my dad, i just have to put something together for both my parents & go shopping for my friends!  I already have an idea of what i'm going to get them, just have to pick it up & wrap it.  I actually love wrapping gifts, some people find it a pain but i quite enjoy it!  Just put some Christmas music on and you're good to go :)

♥ Guess who's back to blogging again?!  Zoe!  Woot woot.  I think her blog was the first that i read religiously, and it's still one of my favorites.  So glad she's back (hopefully for good this time! ;)

♥ Four to follow: Aimee, Julianne, Katherine, Indah ♥


  1. Aw, I love your ombre hair! And ahh yes, wrapping presents. I used to love it but this Christmas everything just seems like a pain and it makes me so sad! Thanks for the shout out, lovely, and I hope your lady problems are set now! ;)

  2. Your hair is gorgeous, id miss the ombre ends too haha! And urghh i hate wrapping, i have soo much to do lol! xx

  3. Ahh that seems like the perfect day to me! And, let's be honest, which girl has never used that excuse to get out of something ;)
    I love your hair now, but changing it back to brown would be a cool switch up for the cooler months! I must admit I'm quite jealous of your (anybody with) long hair since I got mine cut.
    Let's hope those final days of school go quicker!

  4. ahhhhhhh, i knew when i saw gossip girl in the thumbnail this was an immediate open. i really love your hair right now. & i think it's completely pathetic that you only have half a week of school. so do i, it sucks :S

  5. I still have to buy my christmas presents pahaha, i love your ombre hair!xx

  6. I love Gossip Girl far too much! I love your ombre hair, I definitely think you should keep it as it is :) xxx