Tuesday, December 7, 2010


01. (Trying) to do homework!  Have so much to do for tomorrow & the week to come, blah not enjoyable!  Also going to my school's varsity basketball game - how American of me, hehe - in a few hours so i must get it all done, i don't want to be up all night again!  English paper is not coming along at all, some people i know are already done & just have to edit it & i'm sitting here like FML.  Usually i don't have too much trouble with English essays, i'm not sure why this one is messing me up.

02. Just started watching Misfits last night & have gotten through two episodes so far (thanks again for reccommending it to me Hannah :) & i'm actually really enjoying it!  Hannah said it was like Skins but with superpowers, and as you may know i lovelovelove Skins, so of course i had to watch this - so glad i did!  My favorite person has to be Nathan, such a cutie - Irish accents get me EVERYTIME.  And i mean come on..those eyes!  That hair!  *swoons* haha ♥

03. Inception came out on DVD/Blue Ray today (do i even need to link that beauty of a film?!).  Hoping my  mom will surprise me with it when she comes home from work - you all know i love. that. movie. if you've been reading my blog for a while.  Obsessed.

04. I got Eclipse for St. Nick yesterday & actually ended up watching it (don't ask me why haha, those films are admittedly pretty bad).  I tweeted "Taylor Lautner + a tight t-shirt, jeans, & boots = perfection" whilst watching it & i'm so proud of you guys agreeing haha - what a gorgeous homosapien.  Lol.  Maybe he's the reason i watched it?

05. Actually listening to Mozart's Requiem as i type this - i love that this is the song Kings of Leon walk out to in the beginning of their shows - if you haven't already noticed, i'm a HUGE music nerd.  And proud of it!  I think part of the reason for me being so into music & whatnot is the fact that i play violin.  Anyone else play an instrument?  I'd love to know!

06. I changed the font & kind of layout of my posts, i actually like it a lot better - i think it's more organized & just looks better.  You may or may not have noticed, just thought i'd point it out!  Let me know what you think :)



  1. oh homework is always such a drag. Inception is also a phenonminal movie, my mom got it for my brother for christmas....and for me. haha
    and your Taylor Launter tweet is hilarious.

  2. Oh Laura (shakes head) you have betrayed your fellow HP fans by turning to the dark side (Eclipse) hehe (;! I still haven't watched misfits :O, I need to as everyone says it's great!

  3. I need Nathan and Simon in my life <3

  4. Aww thanks for the mention sweetie! Hope you loving Misfits!:)
    and ommggg, agreed about Taylor! Except now i cant decide whether im team jacob or edward now :/ xx

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  6. @hawaiianpunchelsea - For sure. It is, it's SO GOOD! Haha love Taylor <3 xo

    @Holly - I'm so sorry! Haha can't resist a piece of some sexy werewolves! Deff recommend it :) xo

    @altbeauty92 - I know! Love themmmmm <3 xo

    @Hannah - Np! I am :) <3 I'm team Edward, but team Taylor Lautner for sure! :) xo

  7. I've never seen the Misfits before, never even heard of it, actually! Studying sucks, doesn't it? When I go back to school next semester, that is one thing I am definitely NOT looking forward to! Good luck, at least Christmas break is soon!