Monday, November 7, 2011

Etsy findings.

I love browsing on Etsy whenever i'm in the mood for a bit of online shopping.  I can always count on finding something unique and quirky, and it's great supporting our fellow awesome and creative people of the internet imo!  One of my favorite sections to scour on Etsy has to be jewelry.  Sometimes i can find the jewelry in shops to all be the same or just overpriced, so i've been turning to Etsy lately for my gem fix.
Below are two (the third was a gift!) of my latest findings.
cross stud - thrifted
I was watching one of Beauty Crush's videos and she was wearing an ear cuff that she had got from Fashionology & i decided i needed one for myself!  I then did a bit of searching on Etsy for a less expensive option and landed on the Triple Chain Silver Ear Cuff from kaylaivelisse.  I could've very easily spent a lot of money in her shop, i love the edginess to all of her pieces!
The piece i got is very nice quality and arrived quickly without any damage.  It came with a little clear back for the stud, but i seem to have misplaced it (standard) so when i wear it i just but any earring back on it.  I figured i'd get the cuff with the three chains because i figured i could always modify it if i wanted to just have the cuff, or just one or two chains.  Including shipping, this was only $11.75 which is a fantastic deal. :)

I had lost my old Scrabble ring (also from Etsy) and really wanted a replacement.  So again, i turned to trusty Etsy for one.  (I know many people may think that Scrabble rings are 'over' but i still love mine & continue to get compliments on it!).  This time i got a wooden piece instead of the plastic one, but i think both look great. The one above is from GeekyGifts.  It was only $4.75 with shipping and as a bonus, she added the little bear ring.  It arrived in my mailbox super quickly as well and was unharmed.

My love for Etsy is undying, i've never had a bad experience using it and there are always amazing deals & goodies to be found. :)


  1. i love the ear cuff! (: i want one.

  2. These pieces are so unique and beautiful, i must check out some of the stuff on Etsy, they look amazing!:)xxx

  3. That ear cuff is booomb! I need it! Maybe I should get it instead of paying $40 for an actual new ear piercing...

  4. I love the ear cuff, ive been wanting one just like that.

  5. I really want an earcuff but I wear my hair down constatnyl so you'd never see it! x

  6. Isnt the internet a wonderful thing almost everything you could want is a click away.. must stop spending though Im a student !!
    Ashley x
    come visit :)

  7. I love Etsy, even if your not buying it's a pleasure to window (ha, do you still still it that on the internet!) shop there. I remember I once came across thes kick a** bag called the "Ninja Assasin Hobo Bag" gotta be the coolest name ever ha!

    Love the sccrabble ring xD

    please check out my blog if you have a minute,


  8. Great earring! We really like it!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  9. great post :) I love the scrabble ring <3 xoxo

  10. Lovely little items :) really love the ear cuff! xx