Saturday, November 19, 2011


November is one of my favorite months for many reasons (the weather, getting into the holiday season, etc), but one of the top reasons is No Shave November.  Something about a guy with facial hair... nom.  I do like a bit of scruff to be honest, it's just so ~manly~ i suppose. ;)
Not only do i enjoy the men participating in No Shave November/Movember getting scruffier as the month goes on, but i think it's awesome that it raises awareness for men's health (prostate cancer, etc.) as well.
Movember has an official website on which you can donate money, learn more about the cause, participate, etc.!
Since i cannot grow a beard or a mustache of any kind, i thought i could kind of show my support through these quirky little earrings (above :).  I think they're adorable & they were only $5.50 from Claire's, woop.

Hope you're all having nice weekends. ♥
Can you believe Thanksgiving is only a few days away?  Crazy how fast time flies!


  1. Hubs has a baby face so I keep trying to get him to participate in Movember to see how manly he looks, lol! But tbh I was more into facial hair on guys when I was 18-ish... I wonder if it's a milestone of some kind :P

  2. mmmmmmmmmm men with facial hair<33

  3. Love the earrings! Never heard of movember before this year, think its great though!

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  5. Really really cute earrings!


  6. Ahh they are so cute. Great post. Would be lovely if you could stop by sometime :-) Izzy xo