Saturday, July 17, 2010

Spot Cleaning Makeup Brushes! ♥

I've done a post on deep cleaning makeup brushes, which you can read here, so i thought i'd do a post on how to spot clean your makeup brushes - or at least how i do it :)

Spot cleaning is a lot less thorough that deep cleaning, but it's also a lot quicker.  It's especially great for eyeshadow brushes, since different colors are constantly being used on them and spot cleaning them takes the product off the brushes easily & efficiently.
Spot cleaning your brushes is fine, but you shouldn't abandon deep cleaning them completely.  It's important to clean your brushes at least once a week (i'm a total failure when it comes to this haha, i try though!) to get all the product out & to prevent bacteria buildup.

The brushes to be cleaned :D
Does the MAC label / number of the brush come off as easily on your brushes as mine did?!  I can barely tell which brushes are which.

What i like to use to spot clean my brushes is MAC Brush Cleanser, it really gets the colors out & dries very quickly.  The only thing i don't really like about it is how it dispenses the product.  It just kind of spills out & a lot of product is wasted.  I do like the pretty pink color though hehe :)

Step 1: Dampen the hairs of the brush with your brush cleanser.  Be sure not to tip your brush over (brush hair above the handle), because if the cleanser were to go down into the metal/handle part of the brush, it could  potentially damage your brushes.

Step 2: Gently rub the bristles with the cleanser on it onto a clean towel.  See how easy the eyeshadow's coming off? :)  Be sure not to keep swiping the brush in the same dirty spot, as this would be quite counterproductive ha.

Step 3: Lay flat to dry - with an alcohol-based cleanser like the MAC Brush Cleanser, it really doesn't take too long - an hour or two really!


Spot cleaning is much less of a hassle & a lot quicker than deep cleaning, but you still shouldn't rely just on spot cleaning :)
Hope i helped you girls!  I'm off to my sister's graduation party...Hope you are all having a lovely Saturday!


  1. I have the MAC brush cleanser too and I absolutely hated the way it dispensed the product, so I cleaned one of the sprayers from one of my old hair products and use that...It works amazingly and I don't waste any brush cleanser! :) xx

  2. I need to get a brush cleaner... I use soap at the moment which works well but can't really be much good for them! Nice post & have fun at your sister's graduation party! xxxx

  3. I paint over my MAC brush numbers with clear nail polish to stop the numbers from fading :)

  4. I have given you an award on my blog :)


  5. @Laura - Ooh, thanks for the tip lovely! :) x

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  7. i wasted SO much cleanser too. I finally went and purchased a little spray bottle (in the travel section at any drug store.) and just spray my brush (you need 2-3 squirts.) and wiped it off. my cleanser as lasted me half the time.

  8. Hey hun! I just found your blog and love it. Great post. =)