Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Sunday Trip to IKEA :)

This past Sunday, my parents took one of my sisters & i on a spontaneous trip to IKEA.  The closest IKEA to where i live is about two hours away & is in a state my dad isn't too fond of, so we don't find ourselves going there too often.
This was all our first time to IKEA, although i've been wanting to go for ages after spotting a load of gorgeous pieces on their website (link here :) & in catalogs, and after hearing all the raving about it from people.

I took some photos to share with you all :)  I could easily have taken a few hundred photos there as everything was so gorgeous, but instead i just soaked all the beauty in & also did a bit of shopping :)

This was on the second or third floor, across from the lighting section - which was gorgey!
So many lovely things.  There was this one chandelier in particular i was in awe of hehe :)

This was definitely one of my favorite rooms.  It was an office/living area, with immense ceilings & windows, and lush bookshelves.

I thought this picture was beautiful.  It wouldn't really fit into the style of my room, but i swear i'm going to have this gorgeous piece in my house someday!

This was another one of my favorite rooms.  It's so modern & sleek, but not at all cold & uncomfortable.  And look at that chandelier!  The closet is also amazing.  I could definitely see myself living in a room like this :)
The two photos below are also of this room as well :)
I wish i would've taken more photos for you lovelies!
My sister & i both got a couple things on our trip.  Overall, i loved the whole IKEA experience and would definitely go back - my parents would say differently though, as they thought it was a huge hassle & they hated the whole setup of the furniture pickup & such.

Here's a little sneaky peek of my new & improved room!:

I absolutely adore the things i got - they were easy to setup & look absolutely lovely!
I have everything all set up in my room now & i promise i'll do that room tour that someone kindly requested on Formspring a while back! :)
Oh, just one question - would you girlies prefer me to do a room tour in photos (which could be quite difficult) or in a video?  Please let me know!


  1. Omg everything is so pretty, i'd love to go to an IKEA! I'd love a video room tour :)

  2. Ahh nothing beats a good bit of Ikea action :) Would love a room tour too! xo

  3. I LOVE going to Ikea!! Think it's time to drag my mum along, we haven't been for a while :)

    A video room tour would be great!! xxx

  4. I really like Ikea and want everything when I go. A room tour would be good :)

  5. I love Ikea a bit too much :) Before I went to uni, me and the mother had a huge shop in there, and I picked up so many random things that I probably didn't even need hahaha :)

  6. aw i love ikea! :D yes definately get a room tour up :) xx

  7. love these shots. love ikea! i've recently been planning out my future house... lol. interior design = <3

  8. yeah Matt and sean were so smiley :)
    Ikea is great, I love walking in and out of the pre made rooms

  9. Who doesn't love Ikea, right?:D Enjoyed all the photos!:D

    A room tour would be great.:D

    I am your newest follower!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  10. i love ikea too, the only probablem is, everyone ends up with the same stuff! but when its so pretty who cares.
    i love the white room too, ive been trying to recreate that sort of look in my room. i have the bedspread and curtains from ikea.

    nice blog by the way x

  11. What would we do without Ikea? Whenever I go there I always get a million of pencils haha
    I'd love a room tour too! Maybe a video is better...? xx