Monday, July 12, 2010

Silly Nails of the Week :)

You can probably tell one of my hands is definitely more skilled & able to do nail designs better than the other - oh, to be ambidextrous!

My nails this week were inspired by the lovely Julia at Julest, who did a super cute & super fun nail post a couple days ago.  Her's are about a trillion & a half times better & more awesome than mine, but i still had fun doing them, and i now smile whenever i look at my hands hehe :).

If you look at her nails in the post, you'll see i actually copied some (most) of the designs she did, just simplified a bit - as i have zero skills when it comes to nails (as you can probably tell from the messiness).
I have come to embrace bright colors & cute patterns this summer :)

I wanted to quick mention that i got an award from the lovely Alice, and i also got tagged by the equally lovely Hannahh & Xsmirage to do some awesome tags!  I'm not sure if i can get around to doing them :/, but i just wanted to say thank you all soo, soooo much & give a little shoutout!  Thanks again dollfaces!

Hope you are all having a lovely Monday!


  1. that looks super fun :D i might have to try that too :)

  2. This is so cute and fun, I love it ! I think that you did a really great job, I might try a crazy mani like that :) you've inspired me!

  3. youre so silly!
    these are so much fun, and suuper adorable! <3

  4. uper cute! Don't put yourself down you did well! I sure as hell couldn't do that anyway lol! xx

  5. aww they are amazing and so purdy :) xxx

  6. These are super cute! I always have one hand a lot neater than the other! lol xx

  7. aww theeyyy are soo cute!, thanks for the shout old hun :D:D, no im nt gd at all , i duno how many times i re-did them ha ! they look good tho well done:D:D xx

  8. been wishing to get my nails done like this for ages

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