Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jewelry & Accessory Storage! ♥

This post will be a picture-heavy one, showing you lovelies how i store my jewelry & accessories!
I keep a majority of it on top of my dresser, as shown above :)
I'll go into specifics of what is stored where, and i'll try to make it brief!
Oh, and i apologize in advance for all the weird colors going on in the photos of this post..i couldn't take a decent shot of anything for the life of me today :/

Let's get started!

This little stackaroo from Walmart is what i used to store my makeup in, until it didn't fit anymore haha.  Sure it's really not the prettiest thing to store jewelry in, but i can see everything i have easily & it gets the job done.

In the first drawer, i keep pins & brooches - it's definitely the prettiest drawer :)

In the next drawer down, i keep all my earrings.  I keep the bigger studs down toward the front, my dangly/hoop ones in the back right corner, and the smaller studs in a box so they don't roll around & get lost.

This next drawer contains the bracelets i don't wear as often & my SillyBandz teehee :D

The fourth drawer doesn't contain much, but i keep the loose pendants & things to be repaired in here.

The last drawer contains my other pins & badges.

On the left is a vintage jewelry holder, with some jewelry from my aunt in there.  In the "sweet" jar, i have Werther's caramel candy :) hehee.  In the little circular jar, i keep the backs of my earrings - this container is actually from Chile, my dad brought it back for me :).

Next to the drawer-unit, i keep my Lush goodies in this really lovely floral bowl from Goodwill.

Over to the right, i keep my Yankee Candle diffuser (mmmmm ♥), a gold basket of more jewelry, my everyday sunglasses, a watch, my pearl earrings from China, and a random necklace.

In this basket (from an estate sale), i keep the jewelry i wear most often & my rings.  I like to keep it out here instead of in the plastic drawers because it's all laid out for me & i can quickly pick out what i'm going to wear that day.

In the top drawer of my dresser, right below everything i just talked about, i keep my sunglasses, safety pins, hair ribbons, bracelets i rarely wear, & necklaces that don't fit with the rest of my necklaces.

In my closet, which is right to the left of my dresser with all the things above, i keep my necklaces.  They're hung on the wall with push-pins.  I really need to find a better way to store these babies!


Hope you ladies are all enjoying your Thursdays! :)


  1. You've got some gorgeous things!

    Lisa xx

  2. i'm so jealous of all your jewelley!,X

  3. Great storage! I love posts like these :) You have a lot of sunglasses! I love all your pins & brooches! :) xx

  4. I absolutely LOVE THIS. I am moving house tomorrow and getting a bigger bedroom, and I am TOTALLY borrowing some of your AMAZING ideas, like the push pin necklace idea and the magazines to line drawers. I AM GONNA MAKE A LIST OF IDEAS.
    Thankyou for inspiring meee:)
    English Girl.

  5. So much prettyness packed into one post! I love the way you hang your necklaces. Although you use push pins, they appear to work pretty well at keeping everything organized!

  6. You look so much like Babara Streisand it's unreal :)

  7. the 3e and 6e photo are amazing :)
    very beautiful.
    wish I could have so many jewelry


  8. i really need to do something like this for all of my shit, i have noo rooomm.
    yours looks so organized and lllovelllyy.<3

  9. i love the magazine cut-outs lining the drawers, and I hang my necklaces like that on the wall as well! i love those cameo necklaces.

  10. You have such lovely things :)