Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lush Review: The Godmother Soap

I got a big chunk of Lush's The Godmother soap in a recent haul & after using it for about a week, i decided to do a review :)
The Godmother soap is marketed as more of a hand soap, but it can be used as a body soap, and that's what i use it as because i prefer anti-bacterial soap for my hands.

First of all, the scent..it smells exactly like Snow Fairy Shower Gel from the Christmas collection..SO DELICIOUS!  I smelled them side by side & they do smell exactly the same, but if you are feeling very particular, i suppose you could say Snow Fairy is a tad bit sweeter than The Godmother, although TG is still very sweet.
You may be wondering why i bought The Godmother if i already had Snow Fairy, if you read my post on Snow Fairy, you'll find out link HERE.

If you've ever used a Lush soap before, you'll probably agree that the scent doesn't linger for very long on your skin, but it is a really nice aromatherapy while you're washing with it.  Although The Godmother isn't any different, i do still like this soap.

I found that compared to Rock Star (my favorite Lush soap :), The Godmother isn't very moisturizing.  Rock Star is quite moisturizing and leaves my skin feeling soft & moisturized (let's count how many times i say "moisture" in different forms ;).  That's really the only downside to this product.

The Godmother i find lathers very well & you can get many uses out of one bar.

I would reccomend this product to anyone who loves Snow Fairy but can't wait till Christmas-time, and also to anyone that likes Rock Star but doesn't want to scoop the extra couple $$$.
(Rock Star is $7.95 per 3.5 oz [£2.90 /100g], The Godmother is $5.95 [£2.65 /100g]).

3/5 & i will most likely be repurchasing Rock Star before i repurchase The Godmother, just because it leaves my skin feeling more moisturized :)

Don't know how to take a proper Lush bath?  HERE's my recipe for the perfect Lush bath :)

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  1. Thanks for reviewing, I find lush soaps quite drying so might give this one a miss, Rock star sounds nice though x