Saturday, February 27, 2010

NOTW: Switching it up a bit :)

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bottom - without flash
sorry for the messy-ness :)

Instead of reaching for OPI's Got a Date To-Knight, (a light pink, girly color) like i always do, i decided to go for something a bit different.  I landed on Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Blue Me Away.  My sister bought this polish a long time ago & i hadn't tried it before today.

I hate to sound a bit cheesy, but i was really blown away with this product!

This is one coat.  ONE COAT!  It was a bit gooey going on, but it was really easy to neaten it up.  I always have a problem with waiting for nail polishes to dry, especially with OPI.  The nail polish will be 'dry' but it'll still be tacky and i'll always end up getting a dent from nicking them, getting fingerprints on them from testing to see if they're dry, or getting 4302 lines in them from going to bed with them still tacky!  This product was un-tacky within one hour!  For me, that's amazing.

Next time i go to Wal-Mart i'll have to have a look at these.  I'm really curious to try out other colors from this line :)


  1. I really like that shade. Might go have a look for it in my pharmacy tomorrow..x

  2. nice blog! :) i follow you!


  3. love the colors. and you got pretty nails :)

  4. I have one of these in a gray called "Wet Cement", that I really like. Its just like a straight up gray polish, nothing special, but I like it.