Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Perfume Collection & Storage ♥

Welcome to my perfumery!  ♥
In this post i'll be showing you lovelies my fragrance collection, with a brief description of each perfume, & how i store it all.
It's by no means a huge collection, but i like it, & i think that's all that matters :)
I simply keep of my perfumes all on top of my (super crowded) bookshelf.
I like to have them on display because it's easy to see them all when i'm in a rush, & of course it looks pretty :)

PS - on the right there's a gold frame (from Goodwill) with a collage i made, & on the right, a photo of Elvis my sister got in London - i added these to make the space look even prettier

Back row, left to right:

Bath & Body Works "Fresh Cucumber" Body Splash
I got this stuff a couple years ago for free when i was shopping with my mom.  It smells fresh & clean, but i don't wear it that much as it doesn't last that long.  I'm also more into feminine & sweet scents than fresh & clean (which you'll notice as you read this post :).  I'll probably end up putting this in my gym locker.

Victoria's Secret "Amber Romance" Silkening Body Mist
This scent is very sweet & very feminine.  I like it, but too much of it can give me a headache.  I got this a while ago (brings back memories whenever i smell it!), but i believe Victoria's Secret still sells it, just in different packaging.

Victoria's Secret "Blossoming Romance" Refreshing Body Mist
I got this as a gift a couple years ago (i see a pattern here lol).  It's not my favorite, but if i'm at home & feel like i smell bad, i'll just spray it.  Mainly just to use it up...haha.

Middle row, left to right:

Romance by Ralph Lauren
This stuff is sooo old.  I got it from my sister, Samantha, & although it's a decent scent, i don't wear it all that much, because i prefer to wear my favorites.

Princess by Vera Wang
I'm sure you've all heard of it because it's very popular - & with good reason!  This scent is probably my favorite that i own.  I got it for my birthday last March & i was trying to preserve it for the longest time, now i use it almost everyday!  It's so feminine & sweet, it really does make me feel like a princess :)

Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent
This is the newest fragrance that i own, & also one of my favorites - although if i had to choose between Parisienne and Princess, i would probably choose Princess.  This is still soo delicious!  When you first spray it, it kind of smells like "cheap" perfume, but it turns into this really sophisticated & feminine smell and it's amazing!

Bottom row:
This are all samples that i got from Boston Store or Sephora - i have 3 Ralph by Ralph Lauren, 1 Hypnôse by Lancôme, 1 Diamonds by Emporio Armani, & 1 Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian.

What are your favorite perfumes?


  1. I love the Vera Wang Princess bottle! Love the advert for it too. I'm not such much a fan of actual perfumes as I am the bottles. They're just gorgeous works of art!!!


  2. your room looks beautiful! my fave is vera wang princess :) makes me fall in love with my fiance all over again lol xx

  3. Your room is sooo beautiful.
    Ive always wanted to try Vera Wang's Princess, would you reccommend it?

  4. Okay I'll do that, thanks. And you should definately try that purple polish, if you into those colors. Im so glad I bought it.