Sunday, March 6, 2011

two new loves

Feel very pose-y in this photo...
I went to the mall with my mom the other day to spend a store credit from Forever 21 from when i returned a few tops i didn't want a long while ago, as well as Back to MAC for a lipstick.  I'm not too impressed with the stock at Forever 21 at the moment.  Well, actually i love a majority of the clothes they have in right now, but i don't suit any of it!  There are a lot of tops & dress with drop-waists that would be perfect if i had a different body shape & figure.  I do not suit drop-waists at all, which is sad (well, for me) as i love the way the look.
Also, i really hate that whenever i find something i do like & something i think would actually suit me, they don't have my size.  Really frustrating to be honest.  I've been stuck in a fashion rut, but whenever i try to get out of it, i can never find something that fits, suits me, and i actually like.  Blah :(
I suppose that's besides the point!  On the same shopping trip, i stopped by my trusty Boston Store (department store where both my mom & sister work) in search for a top that suited the criteria mentioned above.  In the Calvin Klein part of the store, i spotted this top.  Usually i would feel guilty about spending a larger sum of money on a top than usual, but i was just feeling so crap about myself that day that i needed a little mood booster!  And with it being on sale & with my mom's discount, i suppose it wasn't that much of a splurge...
 This top is gorgeous - i love how flowy it is, but i love that it has shape.  The seams and sinching make it both comfortable & chic.  I also love that it is a tad sheer, which is what i was also looking for.  The print is a bit different, it's not exactly animal print, but not exactly any other sort of print - abstract animal print maybe?  Hmm... haha.  The fabric is also gorgeous, quite light and so soft.  All of the things mentioned just screams quality to me.  You get what you pay for, you know? :)
Lovely flowy sleeves that come in at the forearm.  Bracelets were a gift, American Eagle, and from a festival (respectively).
These sunglasses are from Forever 21 and i love them!  They are similar to sunglasses i got last year from F21 as well, but these are larger & have a slightly more cat-eye silhouette.  Love the tortoise shell effect to them.  Look really nice on as well, only thing is that i feel like they don't shield my eyes from the sun as much as other sunglasses do.


  1. gorgeous top, the print's really unusual, definitely worth the extra money. i always find that when i want to go out and buy something i can never find anything i like, but when i'm penniless and can't afford anything there's loads i want! very frustrating! x

  2. I've als been loving flowy blouses and turqoise jewellery.


  3. I LOVE that top sooo muchhh.
    especially on you.<3

  4. lovely top..and the sunglasses are gorgeous.

    Xoxo monika

  5. That top is loooovely! I love the flowiness, but it also gives you a very pretty silhouette I'm sure. Super cute. And those sunglasses are perfectionnnn. Jeally!


  6. Have you ever thought about putting together a post of fashion ideas for plus size girls?
    I love your blog, by the way. You and I have identical style. :)

  7. You top and sunglasses are so matched ! Love your new loves too =)

  8. Ahhh I love that shirt, it's so lovely! And the glasses are so vintagey.
    Don't listen to the negative comments. You're not plus size, and even if you were, it's not a bad thing. But you're not. So don't listen to them:) xox

  9. This is beautiful!! And im in love with those sunglasses, love your style! :) xx

  10. Loving this top on your and the sunnies are super! I have some just like that which are my summer must have :)
    Loving your blog by the way, new follower ;)

  11. oh i love the top very much! gorgeous!

    click ♡

  12. You look lovely, Laura! (: x

  13. You look stunning!!

  14. That top is lovely on you and def not too much of a splurge as it will probably last longer than cheaper highstreet store stuff. Quality of stitching and all that. I know what you mean though, it's hard to justify spending the money sometimes!

    And as for fashion rut... *raises hand* Me too.