Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm a convert!

Urban Decay Primer Potion & Too Faced Shadow Insurance: It's been quite the battle between these two tres popular eyeshadow primers ever since i first came across the beauty community on Youtube & Blogger.  I must admit the first primer i bought was the Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP), mostly due to all the hype & pretty packaging.  I was content with it & never really had any problems with it...until it came to finishing off the tube.

The main issue with UDPP is the packaging.  The primer is amazing, and may even make your eyeshadow last a bit longer than Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but getting every last drop out of the tube can prove to be quite difficult.  I know so many people have the same issue & it's caused people to make the switch to Too Faced.
And i have to say i've joined them!

Being both $18 at Sephora, it can be quite hard to decide which primer to go with.  After going through a tube of UDPP & purchasing and using Too Faced Shadow Insurance for a while, i've officially converted!  The squeeze-y tube lets you take however much out of the tube as you need, which i find is quicker & obviously is less wasteful.  I feel like i'm really getting my money out of it to be honest.  Urban Decay's primer is great, but the packaging is just too impractical for someone like me!  It is pretty and all & it's unique to Urban Decay, but again, after using Too Faced for a while, i don't know why i put up with that packaging!
The Too Faced primer's packaging is clean-looking & pretty too, so i don't have to much of a problem with that. ;)

So, what do you ladies think - which primer do you prefer, or do you use a different one completely?


  1. very much agreed. i have a bunch of mini UDPP so i have to use them up somehow, ugh the thought of cutting it in half and all that work, just bugs me! i like to use mac's painterly paint pot instead.
    great post!
    btw, i'm doing a mac giveaway at my blog, and the prize is choice of lipstick and eyeshadow, check it out!

  2. I always find I get too much product when using UDPP and obviously can't put it back in the tub so it just goes to waste. I'm definitely going to give TFSI a try after I've finished my large bottle and mini (which will probably be in about 5 years haha) :) xxx

  3. I haven't used TFSI before, but I think I'll be giving it a go after reading this (: UDPP doesn't work amazingly well on my eyelids anyway, and I've just run out of my second tube! xx

  4. UDPP has come out in the tube similar to the Too Faced one.. Google 'New Urban Decay Primer Potion Packaging' and you'll see :) xx

  5. I've just finished my UDPP so I'm definitely gonna buy the Too Faced SS primer now :}

    I found UDPP such a hassle to get out.. :/

  6. yay glad to find out the TFSI is in a way better. I have it but haven't used it yet :D

  7. urban decay just announced on their facebook page that they've completely changed the packaging of their primer potion!!! They showed a picture and it's now in a squeeze tube, a quite cute squeeze tube actually. So yeah, that should be cool :)

  8. Great post hun, I am yet to try the shadow insurance. I agree about UDPP, but I have heard they're changing it to a tube x

  9. I've never tried 2faced primer, but i do like UD's one! I havn't experienced the packaging flaw yet as i havn't got the the end of it yet hehe! xx

  10. I love the UDPP, but I must admit that I have never tried 2 faced. Though you may be happy to find out that UD have decided to change their packaging into a squeeze tube, so that fixes all problems. I'm not such when it will be officially released but I know the packaging has been made.
    I can't wait. especially for when the old packaging ones go on sale.

  11. i've never tried 2faced but i looove urban decay's primer potion! i don't always wear shadow though so i'm worried next time i go to use it it'll be all dried up lol xx