Saturday, May 28, 2011

What I've Been Up To...

Just a quick little post for you all, but wanted to get something for you lovely ladies.  I thought i'd share what i've been up to lately and what's been keeping me from blogging.  It is quite a long post, but you know me - i tend to ramble a bit.  Please bear with the fact that these were all taken with the camera on my phone, have just been too lazy to take photos on my Canon!  Yes, i know i just got it a few months ago, but i'm just too lazy i suppose! ♥
♥ Animal print top from H&M - i have been loving H&M lately!
♥ A little OOTD.  Can you tell i've been obsessed with that floaty floral top?  It's from New Look. <3 Bracelet, Primark; floaty sheer top on top, H&M; jeans, Old Navy.
♥ I had a little incident with my straightner... so the straightner i brought to London with me kind of blew up (voltage fail!), so when i came home i had to buy a new one.  I bought basically the cheapest one i could find that looked okay and since it was sans auto-shut off, this is what happened!  It burnt my carpet.  Lovely.  Needless to say that straightner went back and i got one with auto-shut off.  It's better anyway. :)
♥ Strawberry Pop-tarts om nom.
♥ Crazy hair ftw.
♥ Saw this shirt in the men's section at work and it made me laugh for some reason... don't even know who those men are!  Must've been overly tired...
♥ My sister's graduation from college.  So proud of her. :)  Didn't even get half the people in the audience in the photo!  Insane.
♥ Workkkkkkkkk.  I went through the sections of the store, went through every single item to find the ones with pink tags, took the items off their hangers, and put them in a cart.  We donate these items (the ones we don't sell in a certain amount of time) to charity. :)
♥ Feeling like a badass in my New Look varsity jacket... haha, don't judge me. ;P
&heart; Went to Six Flags with school.  I do love my roller coasters!  The one in the photo is part of Superman: Ultimate Flight, which is brillllliant.
♥ So, i forgot to put on sunscreen the day i went to Six Flags and as i result, i got some pretty sexy tanlines  bad sunburn. D:
♥ See, this is why i don't wear geek glasses!  Just had to pick them up when i was in Primark though. ;)
♥ The lighting in my house is quite lovely at times, especially in this part of the year. :)
♥ We have this thing at work where all the employees make a Barbie version of themselves, so that's what's on the wall to the left of me!  Our shop is known as that "place with all the Barbies on the walls", so it's just a cute little thing that we do.  Yes, it's a bit odd, but i don't even notice all the Barbies anymore.. haha.
♥ To go along with the story above, this is mine!  Yes, she is too tan and her hair is a bit too lustrous, but it was impossible to find a Barbie with my color hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.


Other little bits and bobs:

♥ Have been lacking the motivation to blog as of late.  I really want to actually, i'm just usually too lazy to take photos of the products/whatever i want to blog about, upload them to the computer, etc etc.  Will hopefully get around to blogging more once school ends!
♥ Bought tickets to see Bon Iver in July!  Justin Vernon is actually from my home state and i have some cousins up north where he's from. :)  It's just so cool to me that he's from my neck of the woods.  He seems so relatable and humble since he embraces where he's from and keeps that "small town" feeling in his music and.. yeah.  I'm a dork.  His music his beautiful as well, definitely check Bon Iver out if you haven't already. <3
♥ School ends on the 10th for me (that's the final day of exams) so that's been wrapping up.  Have so much to catch up on and so much to get done, i'm kind of drowning in my work, but the stress and anxiety hasn't hit me yet... Bring on the three month break, please!  Can't believe my peers & me will be seniors next year - the "top dogs" in high school, as it were. ;)  Haha.  WE'RE SO OLD.  As much as i hate high school, i kind of don't want to leave and move on with my life...
♥ Have been loving these Youtube ladies: Alexandra, Hannah, Zoe, and Barbara.


  1. I love your nail colour in the second picture! Its so pretty! :) Loved reading this, thankyou so so much for the mention! xxx

  2. Your house looks lovely!

  3. i love all your pretty floaty clothes - you look amazing! and your haaaairrr is so nice!
    also, i'm so jealous of your job! we don't have thrift stores in england... it amazes me how much bigger everything is in america, like your "small" stores have those shopping carts! only supermarkets have shopping carts in britain!
    have an amazing summer! i'm doing my GCSEs at the moment.. so good luck with your exams :) xxxxxx

  4. Just wondering but are you still doing a post with photos from london?

  5. Wowwww that graduation was massive! Love these types of posts and your work sounds great! Im looking for a job atm but cant find anywhere, job hunting is sooo hard! xx

  6. I love this post, it's so cool and it shows what an amazing time you've had!
    You may think your hair is crazy but I think it's lovely! So jealous, I got mine cut super short a few months ago and miss my long tresses lots.
    I also really like your varsity jacket, I've been thinking about getting one, especially since they're now in the sale, but I still can't decide.
    Hope you're well
    Rachel xxx

  7. Hannah - No problem lovely! Thank you. :) xx

    Mary - That's about as nice looking as it gets! Haha thank you xx

    Anonymous - Aww, thank you! Really? I never knew that! Don't know what I would do without shopping carts, can be a pain holding the baskets! Good luck sweetie. Xoxo

    Anonymous - Yep, will just take a while to put together & free time is not a luxury I've been having a lot of lately. X

    Hannah - Ooh, glad you enjoyed it lovely! I sympathize with you, job hunting is so difficult atm. :( Just keep at it & you'll find a job eventually! Best of luck xox

    Rachel - Aw, thanks! Deffo go for it, absolutely love them! Tried to order another one off the New Look website but it wouldn't accept my credit card for some reason :( xx

  8. That graduation audience is insane. When I graduated I was terrified of falling up/down the stairs with a much smaller audience (thankfully myself and the stairs were intact). Lovely post as usual :)