Monday, May 30, 2011

Monthly Favorites: May

Have quite a few favorites this month; this is probably because i have been spending way too much on cosmetics & hair products lately... i apologize, bank account.  I also haven't done one of these monthly favorites posts in a while, and that's probably for the same sort of reason, in months past i haven't splurged on anything really as i had been saving up for my trip.  (A little sidenote as i got a question about this on my last post: yes i will be doing a post on my trip eventually, it will just take a while to put together!  Sorry if you're a bit annoyed with me...)

This month i've been using a lot of products i got whilst in London, as well as two i got back here in the States.  If you are also from the US and are wondering where you can purchase brands like Barry M and Sleek Makeup that aren't available here, i suggest Googling them and going to the brands' official websites.  The shipping costs may be a bit horrendous, but in some cases i do think it is worth it!  On to what i've been loving in the past month. :)

GOSH Eyeshadow Quad in Driftwood & Barry M Dazzle Dust in Tan.
The first time i tried this GOSH palette, i was actually really disappointed as the colors all tended to look the same on my eyes and it just didn't stand out to me at all, but now i've been using this most everyday!  I've found a combination of products to use in tandem with this palette to make a really lovely makeup look.  I use Benefit's RSVP as a base, then apply the Barry M Dazzle Dust in Tan all over the lid & slightly into the crease.  I then apply the medium brown shade (top, right) into the crease, the dark brown (bottom, left) into the outer v, and the highlight shade (top, left) in the inner corner and brow bone.

The Dazzle Dust in Tan is very similar to the famous MAC eyeshadow in All That Glitters, but you definitely get more product for your money with the Dazzle Dust!  This shadow is so versatile and i think it would look so lovely on just about every skin tone.

 ♥ Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Born With It.
The Color Sensational lipsticks are hands down my favorite lipsticks i've ever tried - yes, i even prefer these over MAC! *shock horror*  The formula, the color payoff, the longevity, everything is just spot on!  Well done Maybelline.  This shade in particular is a fairly new addition to my collection.  It's a super lovely nudey-pink shade, and leaves a bit of a sheen to the lips.  It's one of those lippies that would definitely be described as a "my lips, but better" shades.  It's so perfect and wearable, i think i will repurchase this until Maybelline stops making these (and probably even after...they shouldn't stop making these anyway! ;)

 ♥ Sleek Contour Kit in Light, Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight, and GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliner in Black Ink.
I talked about all three of these products in my "Gosh & Sleek Loving" post, so if you want to read my little review on these products, deffo have a looksie.  Thought they were worth mentioning again in this post. :)

(left to right: 264 Pink Iridescent Glitter, 309 Strawberry Ice Cream, 318 Peach Melba, 304 Mint Green)
Barry M Nail Paints.
I have been absolutely loving the Barry M Nail Paints i got (yes, i did get nine... *slap on the wrist*).  I had a laugh at all the comments from some of you saying you literally giggled when you saw how many i bought, haha... i'm so pathetic, i know!  The four above are the ones i have already tried (besides the Nail Effects one) and have been looooooving.  These nail paints have made me actually enjoy painting my nails, they dry so quickly and the colors are so fun!

Swatches (top to bottom): Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight, Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Born With It (is lighter irl!), and GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliner in Black Ink

Charles Worthington Rough & Tough Front Row Salt Spray.
I've done a post on this showing how i style my hair using this product, which you can read here. :)

Tangle Teezer - Original.
In my London haul post, i said i didn't really know my thoughts on this product, but after a bit more use i've grown to love it.  It's one of those products that you don't really realize how good it is until you've stopped using it.  For instance, i'd been using this for about two weeks and thought it was nothing special, but then i decided to use my regular paddle hair brush.  The regular hair brush made it incredibly painful to detangle my hair and it ended up just ripping my hair out, really!  Since then, i've been using the Tangle Teezer - on wet and dry hair.  I love this and would recommend it to anyone whose hair gets all mangled like mine.  Such a hair and pain saver!


  1. peach melba looks lovely, i already have mint green and love it! <3

  2. i love the nail polishes, especially the mint one! :) & yes i'm always wondering where to get products in the states because most of the blogs I read are uk, london, etc. & yes it is worth the shipping...sometimes. lol

  3. oh I wish I can get the tangle teezer here in Malta.. I'll try to ebay it xD
    Thanks for an awesome post xD

  4. I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and invest in a Sleek Contour Kit y'know, there have been so many rave reviews about it and I need~* a new contour powder! I still can't find Peach Melba in my local Boots/Superdrug, booo ): xx

  5. I want the Sleek contour kit but my two local superdrugs don't stock it so everytime I can get my hands on sleek they've always run out of the light version.. I will get it someday haha xx

  6. You're truly an honourary Brit with such a good BarryM collection! xx

  7. I bought Barry M Peach Melba after seeing your post and it is just soooo lovely, cant stop staring at my nails haha! And i need that tangle teezer! My hair is forever in messy knotty birdnests on my head haha!:) xx

  8. I LOVE all of your Barry M Nail Paints!! Such pretty colours!

    Love your blog! New follower!(:


  9. I LOVE THE PEACH NAIL POLISH. Such a pretty color! And holy moley, your hair looks SO good when you use that product! Is it available in the states?


  10. you're seeing bon iver? i'm so jealous not even kidding