Friday, May 13, 2011


I've seen a few posts on this already, but i thought i would share with you all my own 'bagology' reading.
I'd never heard of such a thing before Hayden from Sudocrem emailed me a couple weeks ago.  Bagology is the process of understanding someone's personality & character traits simply by the contents of his or her bag.  I've always loved watching and reading the "what's in my bag?" videos and blog posts, so reading some of the analyses of some lovely ladies' bags has been intriguing!  Obviously i was quite interested in hearing an analysis of my own bag, so i posted a photo of my bag & its contents on their Facebook page and awaited my reading. :)

Bag: H&M
Contents, top to bottom, left to right: wallet, Clinique pressed powder
Forever 21 sunglasses, hand sanitizer, pen, water bottle, Victoria's Secret "Kissing in Paris" in a travel size bottle
Lolita (current read :), iPod, phone, eyelash curlers
Kleenex, Barry M Lip Gloss Wand in Strawberry Milkshake, MAC lipstick in Creme Cup


"Good evening Laura - I had to read your bag tonight as I love your bag and just wish I could identify the brand!  Into your reading... For you at the moment I sense that planning is key!  You seem to be logical, organised and someone who enjoys having a level of control in life.  It feels like you are someone who loves to set goals, or life plans.  You seem to be kind and tactful as a person.  You also have a quiet power in your nature.  Maybe this lies in your pragmatic 'no nonsense' 'fix it' attitude?  Or maybe you simply enjoy being 'hands on' when you see you can be useful.  I think it is good for you to spend time hanging out with people who have similar interests, hobbies, values or outlook.  I think you are someone who is a 'self starter' and can 'pick yourself up' and refresh when you need to.  Finally, the words courage and beauty spring from your bag.  These seem to be important aspects of life for you.  I imagine you enjoy lovely landscapes, outdoor walks or furniture!  Finally, I think it is important for you to have loyal friends and supporters around you and to be able to feel that the loyalty is real, almost something to touch.  I have found your bag quite unusual and the reading is a little different from others I've done.  Thank you!  It was a pleasure for me."

Overall, i thought this was actually quite accurate!  Especially the bit about enjoying lovely landscapes, outdoor walks, and furniture and the part about the need to have loyal friends & supporters around me and that it needs to be shown.  I hate to admit, but the 'no nonsense' attitude is kind of something i have...i try not to be so snappy/bitchy about it though!  About setting goals & being organized, i love doing things like making to-do lists and such (yes, i'm a dork) and i at least attempt to be organized, so that's pretty accurate as well.

If you're interested in having your own 'bagology' reading done, i definitely recommend it!  All you have to do is 'like' SudocremTube on Facebook (link here), snap a photo of your bag & its contents and post it on their wall, then await your reading.  Simples.  They're holding this little bagology reading until the end of the month so you still have a bit of time.

Thanks so much Hayden for letting me know about this and Debbie for doing all the readings!  You're both lovely. :)


  1. Oo I love all these bag readings, I wish I had done mine before the offer ran out! Also you're reading Lolita? How are you finding it? I read it last year - it's pretty intense stuff.

    L x

  2. This was really neat! I've seen loads of "what's in my bag" posts, but never before heard of the Bagology thing. Really cool! I definitely want to take a shot at this.

    PS I love that you carry a water around! I do too. Yay for being hydrated! I swear, I freak out when I have no water with me at every moment.


  3. @Half Dressed - The offer is actually still going on, they extended it to the end of the month. :) I'm finding it definitely...different? Very intense stuff for sure! What do you think of it? xx

    @Aimee - Definitely do it. :) Omg, i know! I forgot to bring water today so i was dyyyyying, literally feel anxious without it haha. xx

  4. This is sooo interesting! I've never heard about this but will definately try it out soon! So cool how they got your reading right! :) xx

  5. LOVE this.
    Bagology is so clever and brilliant! A girlies handbag really does say a lot about her!

  6. I've NEVER heard of bagology before- actually I thought this was going to be like an updated what's in my bag post with a clever title LOL. That's really cool though! I can't even imagine what mine would be since I carry like 4 bottles of water at any given time lmao

  7. lovely! i really like those sunglasses

    hope you'll visit back

  8. i love that bag, it's just gorgeous!