Friday, May 6, 2011

Outfit: 5/6/11

Hello again. ;)  The other day i actually felt up to taking photos of what i wore to show you all (i usually just can't be bothered, they never turn out, something is always wrong in them to me :P).  Most of the pieces i'm wearing are things i bought while in London and from my new favorite store, Primark, nonetheless.  I tweeted about this the other day, but they NEED an online store.  I don't know what i'll do for clothes now that i'm Primarni obsessed!
I promise you i'll try to get that haul up with everything i got, i really want to show you guys!  I filmed a vloggy-type video with me talking about the trip, but it's so long and i don't know if that's something you'd all be interested in watching, but i'll edit it down when i have the time and see how i feel.
Onto the clothes!

dress - New Look
cardigan, floral & tribal bracelets, earrings, and ring - all Primark
silver cuff bracelet - Tudor bracelet from Shakespeare's Birthplace gift shop
watch - Anne Klein

One of my go-to outfit combos is a dress and leggings, with a cardigan layered over top.  It's an easy way to be comfortable, yet still look put-together at the same time.  This specific cardigan has to be my absolute favorite that i own!  It got it two sizes too big (as it was the only size left really, besides like size six, which i suppose was fate!) than i am, which i quite like as it has a more casual look i suppose.  I usually wear my trusty black Old Navy cardigan, which i am slowly but surely getting sick of, but i've been into color and lighter fabrics this spring/summer, so this light grey is perfect.  It's also not to heavy and thick to wear during the warmer months.  I'm in love!
I really LOVE this dress as well.  I went kind of flower-crazy in New Look and bought three floral dresses and floral top... but they are all so lovely!  I think i've found my new favorite style of dress as well, with the waist defined where it is.  I used to think i couldn't wear this style of dress, but i've gotten a few comments from people irl that the cut is super flattering on me, quite a self-esteem boost & not a compliment i'm used to getting!
I wanted to wear my trusty fringe sandals with this outfit, but i had a bit of an accident that involved half of the nail on my big toe being ripped off (lovely image there, no?), and this problem cannot be solved with nail polish!  So i ended up wearing black flats with it, which i thought added a bit of a damper to the outfit, but the rest of the outfit looked quite nice i thought. :)

Hope you all have an amazing weekend & Mother's Day (if you live in America :)!


  1. so pretty, i love the dress and tribal bracelet. <3

  2. This is gorgeous, so glad you have discovered the wonder that is Primarni!
    I agree they need an online shop!!:)xx

  3. Such a sweet dress Laura! I love your bracelet and watch as well (:

  4. Love this outfit<3, Primark definitely need an online shop asap!xx

  5. Love this outfit..perfect layering! x

  6. i want that chain link ring!!! and scrabble ring! so fun! i can see why you love that store. too bad they don't have a storefront here.

  7. That is an extremely pretty dress! Great outfit and fab style! x

  8. I know this is random, but I love the pillow with the British flag, haha! (: I love your ring and your watch, too! xx

  9. Ouch for your toe! Hope it feels better! Florals are fine fine fineee to buy multiples of! Just bought two dresses, in fact! :) You look fab, Laura! And that bracelet with the floral fabric is amazingggg!


  10. Ahhh, I love everything, especially the watch and hope you feel better now x