Wednesday, January 19, 2011

wednesday summary

Please excuse my frightening hair in these photos haha, we did water polo in gym today.

♥ Day one of exams was today!  All i had were orchestra, Spanish, & gym, which we only really had an exam in Spanish which was a breeze.  The next to days will definitely not be so easy, i have physics & honors pre-calculus exams tomorrow and history & honors English on friday.  Not looking forward to those :(  I also have this journal thing as well as a portfolio due for math on monday.  Hence the FML picture lol :(
♥ I recently joined my school's AFS club - mainly because we have one seriously gorgeous German exchange student this year (of course to get involved in my school too...ahem..).  I'm sure those of you who follow me on Twitter are sick of hearing me tweet about how much he looks like (a hotter) Rob Pattinson - he really does though haha :/ - but if you knew him, i'm sure you'd do the same ;)
♥ Only three more days of driver's ed left & then hopefully i'll have my temps!  Fingers crossed i pass the two written tests & the DMV is open on friday....
♥ Anyone watch the Skins US premiere on monday?  I already talked about it a bit on Twitter & on Formspring, but i actually quite liked it.  A lot of people were saying (before it premiered) that it was going to ruin the original version, etc. but i honestly though it was pretty good.  Although i do admit that i'm a bit mad that now everyone here in the US knows about Skins!  Just a warning, never watch it with your prude mother in the room...
♥ I don't think i've featured my Scrabble ring in a post yet!  I got it for Christmas & i loves it.  A few of you were wondering where i got it from and i got it from an Etsy store - here's the link.  It actually came broken in the mail (i totally understand this though, it had traveled a long way!) & so i hot glued it lol.  I then broke another time (accidentally, obv) so i had to hot glue it back together once more.  Will have to get some more heavy duty glue!

Hope you're all doing well <3


  1. I loved skins! I missed it when it aired on tv so I watched it the next day online. When the girl was jumping up and down on the trampoline and it sounded like she was having sex, haha omg my mom was like "uh Aim, what are you watching?" and I just lowered it and ignored her haha. But I really liked it. And water polo? Never played it! Glad I never have to take gym ever again. Anyway, good luck on all of your exams. I'm sure you'll do fine, baby girl.

  2. I love Skins in the UK. First two series were utter briliance. I watched SATC 2 with both my parents and their friends in the room. The only bit my dad paid attention to was the bit where the irish nanny jumps up and down :) whist getting wet.

    Good luck in your exams - i'm sure you'll ace them :)

  3. Apparntly your version of skins is pants! Got nothing on the English version, it's because we know how to party better!x

  4. Oh god it's SO awkward when my parents are in the room when skins is on haha, and the imbetweeners!xx

  5. Whoa! Wild hair, i like it though! Love the scrabble ring too hun xx

  6. Ohh, i need to watch US Skins online, see how it compares, the next UK series is out next thrusday! I cant wait, but i miss Freddie and Effy :(
    Hope theres somewehere i can watch US skins online! :)xx

  7. @Aimee - If you watch the first episode of the first season of the original Skins - it's the exact same haha, so i kind of knew what to expect! Ah, same! No more gym class for me! Thanks doll :) xo

    @Amey Jane - I know, i loved it! Can't wait for the new generation cast, hope it doesn't go to shit! Thanks :) xo

    @altbeauty29 - I'm just going to pretend i never read your comment! x

    @Holly - Haha, i know.. so awkward! My mom & my sister both wouldn't stop complaining about how "trashy" it was, i wanted to punch them in the face lol xo

    @Stacey - Thanks xo

    @Hannah - Ooh, that's when it starts?! Can't wait to watch it! I miss them too :( I'm sure it'll be up somewhere! The original Skins was, that's how i watched it :) xo