Saturday, January 29, 2011

viva glam gaga lipstick.

When my sister asked me what i wanted for Christmas (within reason of course), i didn't really know what to say.  At the time, i decided that i wanted to start building up my MAC collection so i finally just said "anything from MAC".  She knows i love Lady Gaga & that she had a lipstick out at MAC, so i suppose she landed on this for my gift!  I know i'm a bit late to the whole Viva Glam Gaga collaboration, but better late than never i suppose?
If you didn't know, Viva Glam is a program MAC started to "support men, women, and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS globally.." (taken off the MAC website).  100% of the proceeds goes to these people - to help give them food, afford doctor's visits, provide them with tools to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, among many other things.  To learn more about that, you can click here.  I think this is such a great cause & no matter what one may think about the lipstick itself (although they do have gorgeous shades & formulations), this is such an easy and beautiful way to help those in need.

Last year, Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga collaborated with MAC & came out with their own lipstick and lipglass shades under the Viva Glam range.  Cyndi Lauper's shade was a gorgeous red color, while Lady Gaga's was more of a baby/bubblegum pink color.  As i said before, i got Viva Glam Gaga :)

This is the second MAC lipstick i've ever tried, but the first lustre finish i've ever used.  The lipstick goes on really smooth, but it's not too long wearing.  I find that after a little while, the product actually settles in the crevices of my lips - not a good look!  The color itself is really nice, but i don't think it would suit a lot of skintones unfortunately as it is such light, but bright shade.

To be honest, i don't find myself reaching for this too often.  But even if i bought it with my own money & if it wasn't a gift, i wouldn't have regretted purchasing it as the money goes to such a great cause.
On my lips (i swear it looks less scary IRL!) & swatched on my hand - with no editing
You may also notice i've dyed my hair...
Above i have swatched it on my lips & on my hand - it looks kind of scary on me in that photo for some reason!  My lips are pale, so the lipstick comes out quite true-to-color on my lips.
I've just checked the MAC website and unfortunately both the Cyndi & Gaga lipsticks are sold out, but the lipglasses are still available.  I'd maybe stop by your MAC counter/store & see if they have any left in stock!

I've heard that Lady Gaga (maybe Cyndi Lauper too, i'm not sure!) is collaborating with MAC again this year for another Viva Glam lipstick, i'm excited to see what the new shade is going to be!


  1. The lipstick looks very nice on you! I don't reach for this very often either, but oh well! It goes to charity, so that's good! Haha
    I recently purchased Viva glam Cyndi lipstick, so you might still be able to get it! I think she isn't collaborating with MAC again, but I'm not sure :L xx

  2. Oh, and your hair looks great! :D x

  3. I think this shade is beautiful, but definately wouldn't suit me, looks lovely on you though! I didnt realise all the profits went to such a great cause, thats amazing! <3
    And your hair looks beautiful, as always! :) xx

  4. I love love love this colour! Definitely my favourite lipstick :) xxx

  5. That is such a beautiful idea to have all the profits go to that cause. The color looks so pretty, but I don't like that it seems to settle into crevices - that's the worst! I need a good color like this, though, because I'm so pale and a bit of color wouldn't be too horrible for me :p Does look very pretty on you.

  6. I love the gaga lipstick but don't tend to wear it in the day, only when I go out because it looks lovely with a tan xx

  7. I love this lipstick :) The new Viva Glam Gaga lipstick looks gorgeous too! xx

  8. I love this - its the very first MAC product I've ever owned and made a nice impression.
    It tastes better then the other MAC lipsticks!

    If they collaborate again I think LGaGa Should make a purpley shade.. something daring (not that I would wear it but you know!)

  9. I adore this lipstick but it is very bold on me! I like to tone it down with MAC subculture lip pencisl! Looks amazing on you! I'm so excited for the launch of her new nude lipstick and gloss! It's pretty amazing as well!

  10. Holly: I know, it's really nice!

    Leesha: Thank you! Ooh, it would be interesting if Cyndi did - i'm not sure though. I've only seen Gaga's new Viva Glam lipstick so i don't think she's on the campaign again this year!

    Hannah: Aw thank you :)

    Katy: Aw yay :) Sucks that it's LE!

    Aimee: Thank youuu. I'm disgustingly pale & i think it looks alright on me! Kind of hard to wear though.

    Melly: Thanks sweetie <3

    Abbie: Ooh, i bet it looks lovely! If only i had a place to wear this at night.. haha

    Jordan: It does look quite nice! I'm not a big fan of nudes on me, but it's pretty :)

    Duty of Beauty: Ooh, that would be cool! I read on Temptalia that it's a nude this year though :)

    Sarah Ashley: Oh, that's a good idea! I need myself a good nude lip liner. Thank you :) Yeah i can't wait either! I heard it's coming out this month sometime :)